Love Quotes of the Day

1. I figure my sister is in love, again. She deserves such dangerously-but-excitingly emotional experience to bring back her old no-problem days, but I am pretty -- no, DEEPLY -- worried about it. I hate to see her fall for another crap after years of devastation. But I also know that I want her happiness more than anything in this world.

2. Although I love my mother unquestionably, sometimes she drives me crazy. And nowadays I've successfully developed my guilty feeling for not making her happy or at least enjoying her life.

3. I've definitely fallen in love with Joel Achenbach. See my writing style in English???

4. And my love for Firefox has grown substantially. I love its cute icons. And particularly now when my IE isn't working!!!


Teano said...

love is wonderful...semoga aja ur sister bener2 dapat true love deh ^^