Tak Ada Asap Tanpa Api? True, But...

Senator John Edwards finally admitted that he had committed an affair in 2006, which was brought to public by the National Enquirer, and which was denied by him a couple of times. He was basically saying that a sensational news in a trashy tabloid was actually true.

National Enquirer may be trashy indeed. The thing is, often times they reported actual incidents. I remember last year they disclosed that the Disney Channel, squeaky-clean image, star Vanessa Hudgens had had nude pictures. Vanessa was smart enough to confirm the news timely, made a press statement about how regretful she was, and it didn't take very long for her to clear the air. Edwards could've learnt a thing or two from the teenager.

And perhaps I should eye gossip tabloids, internet rumors, and the so-called infotainments differently, at least with less judgments. Who would know, right?

On the other hand, however, Edwards might not have had the luxury of time (or timing, to be exact) that Vanessa did. He was in the presidential candidacy race.

This is what I despise most in cases where one messes up his/her personal life and that is used to judge his/her professionalism. As much as I hated Bill Clinton's infidelity, I thought (and still think) that some Congresspeople notion for his impeachment was beyond stupid. I don't know how bad the affair news affected Edwards' chances, though. He was against two way stronger contenders, so perhaps it wasn't even one of the factors.

Commitment Phobia?

Most of my close gal pals are single.

Most of my close guy friends are married.

Umm... which sex is it said to be commitment phobic?