One of the most-talked about issues these days (in addition to Social Security, a shot committed by Brian Nichols, and a hundred other news) is Wolfowitz' nomination for heading the World Bank. You think Indonesian government-politicians have a weird way in appointing persons for certain positions? Well, Americans are even more amazing in the sense that people could somehow be easily transported from one post to another regardless of their current/previous work. Prior to his new assignment as the Deputy Secretary of State, Robert Zoellick, was the US Trade Representative (equal to Indonesia's Trade Minister). Apparently he had worked with the State Department long before he became the USTR. And, in line with the path most American high dignitaries take, in betweens official employment he has also served in various giant corporates. Interestingly, one of them happens to be none other than Enron.

Now, back to Wolfowitz. Joel Achenbach made a hillarious comment on his blog: " Wolfowitz to the World Bank? Does that mean we will invade poor countries pre-emptively, BEFORE they can default on their loans?". Wolfowitz has been more than "willing" and frequent in emphasizing his strictly neo-con (or so people label) stance in many issues. (OK, OK, you all are familiar with that, you don't need me to tell you this). And I have to admit that I laughed quite aloud reading it. On the other hand, and this is somehow overtly overlooked by Indonesian people, Wolfowitz is also one of the strongest Indonesian supporters in DC. It is not something you can take for granted, because he only served one term of ambassadorship in Indonesia (and a very popular one!), and he had divorced Claire, a devout Indonesian sympathizer.

In contrast with what you guys read in newspapers or rampantly voiced by the hardliners and fundamentalist groups in our beloved country (and sadly blindly taken by the newspapers!), the US government is actually a close friend to Indonesia. If you need to find enemies here, well, those are the Congresspeople and the NGOs!

Hm, I wonder whether I'd be categorized as a "US agent" after this.


[galadriel] said...

Waaah, setuju sekali dgn pendapat tentang media di negeri kita ini. "berani bumbu"! hihihihi....

Teano said...

ternyata politik dimana2 sama...buta 'aturan' smua...pantesan aja indo ama us close friend...hehehhehe ^^