Done. Finally.

Mission accomplished. *ear-to-ear grin*

And I am. So. Not. Disappointed.

Completing a fabulous day. Thanks, girls! :))))

It's not the substance, nor the wordings...

... it's whom you are going to tell.

Reading this gal's post, which was apparently inspired by another blog, I was reminded to the conversation that has been taking place between me and my folks since I arrived here.

Thanks to my baby niece for being super cute, I always gush about her in front of my parents, which - in return - will prompt them to say something like, "I know. Isn't it great to have a baby?"

Of course I know where this is heading to. I will reply, "You bet. And it's even greater that while I can play and have fun with her whenever I like, I can also always shout to her mom when she needs some cleaning up." Add the sweet but wicked grin.

"But you won't mind doing it at all for your own baby."

"Yeah. Yet I wouldn't know because I never have one."

"You see," with a deep inhale, "I'm really concerned that you're not with anybody."

The convo comes in various wrappings, but all in similar tune. Take another variation, "I'm so sad thinking that you'll be alone and lonely."

Being lonely is the last thing on my mind. I even feel like I can't have a decent amount of time for myself and with myself.

It IS the topic that never goes exhaustive, simply because both sides - my parents' and mine - can never agree on a certain thing: whether marriage should be put on top of my priority list.

Interesting to note that it is my FATHER who has been repetitive about it. Who ever said moms are the fussy ones? Anyway, my dad keeps trying to convince me that "Berdua Lebih Baik", along the lines of Acha Septriasa.

"I used to be like you," he'd say that. "I thought I was happy enough going solo. Now I can't ever imagine being without your mom."

"Because you are already married," I snapped back. "I've never been. I don't think I'll miss something that never exists to me."

"There you go again the wrong way. Trust me."

I have come to the point where I bluntly told him that marriage is not my top priority. I don't negate it, I don't discount the possibility -- I simply follow where life leads me. That means, if I am not interested in someone, I will not even TRY to like him. On the other hand, if a certain person is not interested in me, I will not bother to drop him a message. Tracy Chapman speaks for me: "But I'm too old to go chasing you around/Wasting my precious energy".

The thing is, his sad expression kills me.

Home Wrecker

Who should take the responsibility of the wreckage of Indonesia's households these days?

In my case: the mosquitoes.

Forget spending quality time with family over dinner, let alone watching television or a movie (DVD for sure!) together. Once we're done with the meals -- as quick as we can -- each of us will disappear into our respective bedrooms. The only places where we will turn on the aircon and spray on Baygon like crazy, obviously health issue isn't our priority. We can't spray it in the living room, since it's the playground for my baby niece. Of course, the baby's room (and her parents') is free of the chemical liquid. Now that's what I call sacrifice: she's fully wrapped to avoid contacts with those tiny bastards, and they will suffer all night :D.

What Happened on the Next Table Stays in the Blog!

Having a glance at the coffee shop, I was a bit disappointed that it was a bit more crowded than I had hoped. I came here to find a quiet place (sort of) where I can feed my ODD in peace (I'll discuss the ODD later), but I suspected it would take quite an effort to get a vacant table. I was lucky though that I spotted a table near the window, which was also near an electric plug. Now, that is FABULOUS.

Now, the best thing happened after I spent a few minutes random browsing, checking on emails, and finally resting on some Archie dedicated sites. A group of people were sitting next to my table, so I couldn't help overhearing their conversation. That turned out to be the most amusing thing for that entire day.

I'm too lazy to recite it, so I'll just put my conversation with this gal as I practically gave her a live report on the whole thing.

Me: while typing this, i'm trying to hide my laughter...
Her: why is the laughter about?
Her: *what
Me: there's a person sitting next to me, apparently trying to convince another man in the table to buy a diamond
Me: 1800 dollar man
Her: heh?
Her: where are you?
Me: and - this is what made me chuckle - he said "ini bukan sembarang berlian, karena kilaunya bisa dilihat dari kejauhan"
Her: dari bulan?
Me: wakkakakakakk..!!!!
Her: where exactly are you?
Me: i'm in the **** cafe, in ******** ******
Her: aha
Her: and I am stuck in the bloody office
Me: come over here then!
Her: cannot
Her: at least not yet
Her: still crunching on my report
Me: huhuhu...
Me: and i remember i must submit our 2009 program tomorrow
Me: kekekkekkee... this man next to me does sound like a con!!!
Her: *laugh*
Me: and the other man actually bought it!!!!
Her: that is the silliest part of all
Me: they're signing the purchasing letter now..
Her: at a coffee shop???
Her: sheesssshhhh
Me: hahahhaa... as if there's no decent place, right???
Her: precisely no other decent place
Me: and now he's giving the man's wife (i assume she's his wife, hehehe..) a MASSAGE!
Her: WTF???
Me: hm.. from what i witness.. it's not a real massage...
Her: it's a rub?
Me: he doesnt touch her physically
Her: *tongue out*
Me: it's like a "spiritual" massage
Her: *laugh*
Me: he's also whispering some sort of "jampi2"
Me: oh gosh, i can hardly contain my chuckling
Her: *laugh*
Me: the "masseur" smiled sheepishly at me
Her: "want some massage, ma'am??"
Her: *wink*
Me: it's obvious that i find it hillarious
Her: *laugh*
Me: it's already very HARD for me to maintain poker face
Her: huahahah
Her: did he wink at you?
Her: *wink*
Me: oh oh.. he's rubbing her feet now... oooghhhh...
Me: and now he's making circle gestures around her, kekekkekekek...
Her: you!!
Me: you should've seen thaaaattttttttttttt.... *defensive tone*
Me: by the way, now the dukun is making gestures above the head of one of the men in the group
Me: it looks like he's washing his hair, kekekkekekkek..
Her: oh bloody hell
Her: why are they doing those stuff in a coffee shop????
Her: can't they get a room or something?
Her: tsk ..
Her: *laugh*
Me: you tell meeeeeeeeeee
Her: and you seem to be entertained, eh?
Me: i'm definitely posting this!
Her: are they indonesian??
Me: they're indonesian!
Her: hahha . there you go
Her: weird stuff
Me: a VERY good blog material
Me: kekekkekekk..
Me: ooopsss... cannot.. i'm sitting too close to them
Me: now the dukun is doing another man
Her: *ROTFL*
Her: OH.MY.GOD!!!
Me: funny, i'm afraid that he'll be getting too close to me!
Her: you are distracting meeeeeeeee, I should be thereeeeeeeee!!
Her: hauauahahahaha
Me: yes, you SHOULD!
Me: kekekkekekkekekekkekek...
Her: watch your head!
Me: uh shut up!
Me: i'm terrified already...
Her: you dont sound terrified at all

Well, I may have not been terrified, but I was certainly watching the dukun warily!


They said, you've been neglecting this for too long.

They asked, do you ever want to write again?

I kept telling them, I knooowww... - putting several emoticons trying to represent the actual situation, to no avail -. And I kept promising them that yeah, I will restart.

Not because I have to. But because I can't imagine never doing this thing again.

Then I look at those half written pages. The never finished drafts. The numerous inspirations remaining raw inside this head.

Hoping beyond hope, this will begin something. - Fingers crossed -.