Terri Schiavo Dies

After an exhaustive battle between her husband and her family, intrusion by the federal government, media coverage, raising questions about US regulation, and possibly a new meaning or nuance for "pro-life" and "pro-choice", Terri Schiavo finally died. It's a pity she never had a chance to welcome the angel of death in an appropriate condition: her loved ones gathering together around her bed, praying for her, comforting her. And it is shockingly disgusting to watch that even after her death, this family feud remains present with both sides brawling over her ashes.

Isn't it ironic that those who are supposed to provide you the most enjoyable journey toward eternity are instead cursing and stabbing on each other? I strongly believe that Terri, as much physically unconscious she might have been for seven years, could somehow sense the bitterness and hatred around her.

May the Divine One bestow upon her soul peace and serenity.


Lydz said...

I don't usually do this...
That's what families are for. They fight for you, over you, and with you. Yes, it is a sad way of showing it but, it is Love. Love in its most complicated form. These same people could have killed for her had an opportunity manefest itself.
How do you know her journey was not one of joy? Of course she knew what bitterness surrounded her. If "the Divine One" was with her, I am sure she has more peace than any of us could know. I don't know who this divine one is. I am sure to you, Mrs Schiavo, and many others there will always be peace and serenity following.

ibam said...

gue juga baru baca nih beritanya di yahoo kemaren :( kasian banget ya, and the saddest thing is, maybe nobody would ever know what her wish really was.

anyway, thanks for visiting my blog :)

yang punya said...

jones, i would've agreed with you that perhaps this whole catfight is manifestation of love, should other issues have never occured, e.g. another woman with HIS children? while i somehow value his honesty, and understand that he's entitled to moving on with his life, he could've done it with a less confronting (and hurting) way.