Constipation Effect Part II

Yup, constipation may somehow also trigger your creativity and boost your blogging energy. And in my case, this means spotting some funny stuff in newspapers' blogs and shamelessly excerpting it for my own blog without even bothering about copyrights. Ha! And below is the cut-and-pasted part of an imaginary conversation between Bush and Putin, taken from Joel Achenbach's Achenblog in the Washington Post:

Bush: Vlad, let me look into your eyes for a second. I just noticed that they seem to glow like burning coals.

Putin: You can see into my soul. You have a feeling you can trust me. You have a feeling you can work with me. You are feeling sleepy.

Bush: But we need to talk. There are things that need to be tweaked. I am not happy, for example, about things like torture.

Putin: Don't feel bad, that can happen to anyone.

Bush: No no, I mean you guys. Your crackdowns, your throwing people in jail sort of thing, the KGB stuff.

Putin: We have a proud tradition in Mother Russia of tweaking a problem. The tweaking will commence in five minutes.

Bush: Great. Let's rustle up some grub.

Check out the link to read the complete version, it's right there in the "Favorite Blogs" section. Unfortunately, you'd probably have to register to be able to read the Post's whole content. Fortunately, it's F-R-E-E.

Have a great weekend, folks.