A Brief Note on Grammar and Criticisms

A friend recently confided to me she’s been interested in blogging, but is hesitant to start it, worried of how others will view it, and frightened she’ll have to deal with a big tide of harsh criticisms, or even mockeries, for her less-than-fantastic grammar.

I told her she needs not afraid of grammar critics, because:

a) Unless she invites people to take a peek at her blog (e.g., puts her blog address on her Facebook page, tells her friends about it, etc.), chances are it will be only her and a handful of accidental visitors who are aware of the existence of the blog.

b) Bloggers are generally pretty generous to newcomers; grammar correctness is usually the last thing they’ll be concerned about (particularly in Indonesia’s blogosphere). It is the content that might prompt comments – be it nice words or ugly condemns.

c) If one’s blog is criticized heavily for the grammar incorrectness, most of the times grammar isn’t the main issue. It might be the subject, the idea, or the personality of the blogger as perceived by reader(s).

Of course, one might argue that a blog cannot be considered the representative of the blogger – a renowned Indonesian blogger once claims that only 5% of her personality is reflected in her blog. Should that be the case, the blogger then ought to always, always, ALWAYS take any comment on his/her blog with a grain of salt – or even with their tongue in cheek. After all, once you decide to make your blog public (there’s an option to make it private, right?), you open your front door to a battalion of predators. To keep your sanity level in check you need to remember that THIS.IS.ONLY.A.VIRTUAL.WORLD (don’t take it too seriously) and strengthen your sense of humor.

On the other hand, the blogosphere is also the place where you will meet likeminded people, those very possibly will be good friends – maybe even become your other half – in the future. I met some of my closest friends here and I can’t be more grateful for that :).