What's Next, Obama in a Sitcom?

It's no secret that politicians always crave for attention and never hesitate to kick anyone out of their way for even a brief spotlight moment.

Now, what if the spotlight does actually cast on their face? With the camera rolling -- and this time, thank God, somebody yells "Cut!" and they will stop whatever they're doing or saying?

On the count of three, let's cheer together: "Yaaaaaaaayyy!!!"

Being recognized in Capitol Hill is one thing. In Hollywood, it means you can always fulfill your secret of being the Star. Yes, with capital S. After all, it takes years, lots of ass kissing, hours of sweating your butt for crafting remarks which you wish - pray, to be exact, if you are indeed religious as you often state, especially before the Midwestern audience - will move people (Note: puking doesn't count as a gesture of 'being moved'), spending a heft amount of money for campaigns and marketing your ideas as well as making as many promises to your potential sponsors. You may do similar things in Tinseltown, but at least there are chances that you'll be the next Brad Pitt/Jessica Biel (if you have the look) or Dustin Hoffman/Glenn Close (if you don't) -- where you can be loved or hated but will never be blamed for ruining the lives of 300 million people at home, and other 5 billions abroad.

Oh yes, I haven't made any point.

Which is unnecessary. It's just a short comment *cough* on Senator Patrick Leahy's involvement in the next Batman flick, The Dark Knight. Senator Leahy is a long time Batman fan, and he has even done voice over for Batman cartoons, written the preface for a Batman book and had small roles in the last two Batman features (according to this site, also the main inspiration for this post hehehehe...).

Given that Senator Leahy is constantly criticizing Indonesia's record on human rights abuses and subsequently the TNI, I can only shudder, thinking that he may try to influence the scriptwriter to somehow create a villain with a particular background on Indonesia's vicious army. Hm. Wirantoman? *grins* How will the character be like?

The US have got plenty of former entertainers plunging into the politics -- but in Indonesia, we have BOTH! We have Sophan Sophiaan and Aji Massaid and Sys NS, but we also have some famous non-actors in Indonesia who have made it to the movie industry, notably the lawyers, even ex high dignitaries! So, despite Senator Leahy's less sympathetic opinion about Indonesia, I'm actually thinking of introducing him to this group of people. He can get useful inside tips from the not-so-honorable Mr. Ruhut Sitompul, or Mr. Yusril Ihza Mahendra who apparently has swifted his career track to the other direction.

This said, it's highly possible that in the future we'll see a string of American politicians appearing on the silver screen. While supermodels have been swept away by actresses gracing the cover of fashion magazines, similar case might happen in the movie industry. Who knows, Oscar 2012 may be marked by actors/politicians (or the other way around, your call) in the best leading performance nominations!

And the world will be a better place? Yeah right! :p.

By the way, how's everyone doing? Long time no see!