Notes from the 2009 Grammy Awards

1. I thought the writers’ rally had ended last year. The 2009 Grammy Award’s script has been the worst I’ve seen in years! Presenters never sounded so lame. Crapfest.

2. I love Whitney Houston. But how come she decided to get high in the Grammy night, on stage? Girl, save that for the after party!

3. Nice effort, Rock... er... Dwayne. Just remember that only a very few people can be offensive and funny at the same time. You were certainly not one of them.

4. What did Katy Perry try to say with the fruity trapeze gal outfit? Her cherry Chapstick?

5. Jennifer Hudson is a pretty good singer, but I couldn’t help suspecting her Grammy was a generous consolation gift.

6. I almost burst into tears too when Adele cried accepting her Grammy. It’s so amazing that we’re built alike.

7. I couldn’t stand Miley Cyrus’s screechy voice, but her collaboration with Taylor Swift surprisingly excelled my expectation. She should always, ALWAYS, stick to lower notes. Taylor Swift has been this year’s wunderkind – no wonder Miley called her “my best friend”. I wish I could say the same thing about Obama and kept a straight face.

8. Sir Paul McCartney was the highlight of the night. How old is he, 70? Those way younger musicians didn’t hold a candle to him. Not even when they bring the whole marching band team on stage. And you think you only see parades on the streets. I would really love to rain on this one!

9. Lastly, with all due respect to the night’s “power couple”, their names Plant and Krauss somehow reminded me to my grocery list.