Missing My Friends

I miss my friends. Missing them badly. Iyat, Popay, Ai, Boncel, Prince of Tote, Didit, Andi...

Guuuuuyyysssssssssssss! How are you all doing there? These all online chats, phone calls, emails, and everything else can't compensate our frequent meetings back home! And to think that we would gather again in three years... whew! Dunno whether I can wait that long!

Sometimes I ask myself why I chose this job, which might look "glamour" (eeew....) on the surface but is actually very demanding and consuming. The thing is, I didn't actually choose it. I somehow stepped in, and once I was there, at that time, it seemed like there was no turning back. I know, I know, there is. There always is. And before I realize, it has been five years.

But it is the same job that score me some of the best people in the world. My friends. My haven during the lowest point of my emotional scale. My sustainable resource of knowledge and how-tos, and inexhaustive love.

So I guess, the three year waiting is worth it.


boot said...

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