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Obama Made Me Write Again

Obama's victory is indeed an historical moment, it deserves the honor to be the "break the curse" post in this long-neglected blog.

Forgive me if I'm not cheering along with his supporters and -- I suspect -- the majority of Indonesians. Obama is a good man, and despite my first sentence in this paragraph, for these past few weeks I agreed wholeheartedly with anyone predicting his win. On the other hand, had not there been the Wall Street crash and gigantic corporates collapses, his chances would've been a pretty tough call.

I am still quite happy with his winning, though, because it will gear positive sentiment in the market. My dad, a small number player (but he puts half his savings there!), might be able to finally smile again -- although I won't count on it.

I am also full of hopes with his foreign policy, particularly on the Middle East issues. Many Israelis seeing Obama as "unfriendly towards Israel" alone amuses me -- I am one of that larger group of Christians who can't stand the Israelis. That does not necessarily resonates with the truth, let alone constitutes Obama's attitude towards the Jewish groups and their powerful lobbyists. Obama is indeed viewed by many Jewish voters as sending mixed signals in light of the Israel-Palestine conflict and practically every other threat to Israel. Even if history showed that Jewish swing voters (that is, the so-called independent Jewish) tend to go Democratic, Obama's strikingly different background from the previous Democratic presidential candidates might have as well turned them away. The results have shown otherwise, of course. And this should not be regarded by all means as the evidence that there is a new generation of American Jewish, who have given up the idea of Israel claiming sole authority over Jerusalem. But rather a behavior shaped by past experience that any White House incumbent - Republican or Democratic - can never snub the Jews.

Obama's taking the seat in Oval Office does not also guarantee a friendlier US's policy to Indonesia. Obama never denied his Indonesian background, nor has he been gracious in complimenting Indonesia - if he ever has. In fact, during his campaign, he had tried to steer away from any association to Indonesia. His time in Indonesia serves only as a fact, though it did help him a lot in dealing with other cultures. But yeah, why should I be cynical to the Indonesians who are ecstatic for his win or early on formed Facebook groups to support Obama?

And like I said, I have the good reason to thank Obama: he made me write again.

Ugh.. by the way, did anyone also notice the similarity between Obama and our very own SBY? They both like to use their hands when speaking.

Tak Ada Asap Tanpa Api? True, But...

Senator John Edwards finally admitted that he had committed an affair in 2006, which was brought to public by the National Enquirer, and which was denied by him a couple of times. He was basically saying that a sensational news in a trashy tabloid was actually true.

National Enquirer may be trashy indeed. The thing is, often times they reported actual incidents. I remember last year they disclosed that the Disney Channel, squeaky-clean image, star Vanessa Hudgens had had nude pictures. Vanessa was smart enough to confirm the news timely, made a press statement about how regretful she was, and it didn't take very long for her to clear the air. Edwards could've learnt a thing or two from the teenager.

And perhaps I should eye gossip tabloids, internet rumors, and the so-called infotainments differently, at least with less judgments. Who would know, right?

On the other hand, however, Edwards might not have had the luxury of time (or timing, to be exact) that Vanessa did. He was in the presidential candidacy race.

This is what I despise most in cases where one messes up his/her personal life and that is used to judge his/her professionalism. As much as I hated Bill Clinton's infidelity, I thought (and still think) that some Congresspeople notion for his impeachment was beyond stupid. I don't know how bad the affair news affected Edwards' chances, though. He was against two way stronger contenders, so perhaps it wasn't even one of the factors.

Commitment Phobia?

Most of my close gal pals are single.

Most of my close guy friends are married.

Umm... which sex is it said to be commitment phobic?

Done. Finally.

Mission accomplished. *ear-to-ear grin*

And I am. So. Not. Disappointed.

Completing a fabulous day. Thanks, girls! :))))

It's not the substance, nor the wordings...

... it's whom you are going to tell.

Reading this gal's post, which was apparently inspired by another blog, I was reminded to the conversation that has been taking place between me and my folks since I arrived here.

Thanks to my baby niece for being super cute, I always gush about her in front of my parents, which - in return - will prompt them to say something like, "I know. Isn't it great to have a baby?"

Of course I know where this is heading to. I will reply, "You bet. And it's even greater that while I can play and have fun with her whenever I like, I can also always shout to her mom when she needs some cleaning up." Add the sweet but wicked grin.

"But you won't mind doing it at all for your own baby."

"Yeah. Yet I wouldn't know because I never have one."

"You see," with a deep inhale, "I'm really concerned that you're not with anybody."

The convo comes in various wrappings, but all in similar tune. Take another variation, "I'm so sad thinking that you'll be alone and lonely."

Being lonely is the last thing on my mind. I even feel like I can't have a decent amount of time for myself and with myself.

It IS the topic that never goes exhaustive, simply because both sides - my parents' and mine - can never agree on a certain thing: whether marriage should be put on top of my priority list.

Interesting to note that it is my FATHER who has been repetitive about it. Who ever said moms are the fussy ones? Anyway, my dad keeps trying to convince me that "Berdua Lebih Baik", along the lines of Acha Septriasa.

"I used to be like you," he'd say that. "I thought I was happy enough going solo. Now I can't ever imagine being without your mom."

"Because you are already married," I snapped back. "I've never been. I don't think I'll miss something that never exists to me."

"There you go again the wrong way. Trust me."

I have come to the point where I bluntly told him that marriage is not my top priority. I don't negate it, I don't discount the possibility -- I simply follow where life leads me. That means, if I am not interested in someone, I will not even TRY to like him. On the other hand, if a certain person is not interested in me, I will not bother to drop him a message. Tracy Chapman speaks for me: "But I'm too old to go chasing you around/Wasting my precious energy".

The thing is, his sad expression kills me.

Home Wrecker

Who should take the responsibility of the wreckage of Indonesia's households these days?

In my case: the mosquitoes.

Forget spending quality time with family over dinner, let alone watching television or a movie (DVD for sure!) together. Once we're done with the meals -- as quick as we can -- each of us will disappear into our respective bedrooms. The only places where we will turn on the aircon and spray on Baygon like crazy, obviously health issue isn't our priority. We can't spray it in the living room, since it's the playground for my baby niece. Of course, the baby's room (and her parents') is free of the chemical liquid. Now that's what I call sacrifice: she's fully wrapped to avoid contacts with those tiny bastards, and they will suffer all night :D.

What Happened on the Next Table Stays in the Blog!

Having a glance at the coffee shop, I was a bit disappointed that it was a bit more crowded than I had hoped. I came here to find a quiet place (sort of) where I can feed my ODD in peace (I'll discuss the ODD later), but I suspected it would take quite an effort to get a vacant table. I was lucky though that I spotted a table near the window, which was also near an electric plug. Now, that is FABULOUS.

Now, the best thing happened after I spent a few minutes random browsing, checking on emails, and finally resting on some Archie dedicated sites. A group of people were sitting next to my table, so I couldn't help overhearing their conversation. That turned out to be the most amusing thing for that entire day.

I'm too lazy to recite it, so I'll just put my conversation with this gal as I practically gave her a live report on the whole thing.

Me: while typing this, i'm trying to hide my laughter...
Her: why is the laughter about?
Her: *what
Me: there's a person sitting next to me, apparently trying to convince another man in the table to buy a diamond
Me: 1800 dollar man
Her: heh?
Her: where are you?
Me: and - this is what made me chuckle - he said "ini bukan sembarang berlian, karena kilaunya bisa dilihat dari kejauhan"
Her: dari bulan?
Me: wakkakakakakk..!!!!
Her: where exactly are you?
Me: i'm in the **** cafe, in ******** ******
Her: aha
Her: and I am stuck in the bloody office
Me: come over here then!
Her: cannot
Her: at least not yet
Her: still crunching on my report
Me: huhuhu...
Me: and i remember i must submit our 2009 program tomorrow
Me: kekekkekkee... this man next to me does sound like a con!!!
Her: *laugh*
Me: and the other man actually bought it!!!!
Her: that is the silliest part of all
Me: they're signing the purchasing letter now..
Her: at a coffee shop???
Her: sheesssshhhh
Me: hahahhaa... as if there's no decent place, right???
Her: precisely no other decent place
Me: and now he's giving the man's wife (i assume she's his wife, hehehe..) a MASSAGE!
Her: WTF???
Me: hm.. from what i witness.. it's not a real massage...
Her: it's a rub?
Me: he doesnt touch her physically
Her: *tongue out*
Me: it's like a "spiritual" massage
Her: *laugh*
Me: he's also whispering some sort of "jampi2"
Me: oh gosh, i can hardly contain my chuckling
Her: *laugh*
Me: the "masseur" smiled sheepishly at me
Her: "want some massage, ma'am??"
Her: *wink*
Me: it's obvious that i find it hillarious
Her: *laugh*
Me: it's already very HARD for me to maintain poker face
Her: huahahah
Her: did he wink at you?
Her: *wink*
Me: oh oh.. he's rubbing her feet now... oooghhhh...
Me: and now he's making circle gestures around her, kekekkekekek...
Her: you!!
Me: you should've seen thaaaattttttttttttt.... *defensive tone*
Me: by the way, now the dukun is making gestures above the head of one of the men in the group
Me: it looks like he's washing his hair, kekekkekekkek..
Her: oh bloody hell
Her: why are they doing those stuff in a coffee shop????
Her: can't they get a room or something?
Her: tsk ..
Her: *laugh*
Me: you tell meeeeeeeeeee
Her: and you seem to be entertained, eh?
Me: i'm definitely posting this!
Her: are they indonesian??
Me: they're indonesian!
Her: hahha . there you go
Her: weird stuff
Me: a VERY good blog material
Me: kekekkekekk..
Me: ooopsss... cannot.. i'm sitting too close to them
Me: now the dukun is doing another man
Her: *ROTFL*
Her: OH.MY.GOD!!!
Me: funny, i'm afraid that he'll be getting too close to me!
Her: you are distracting meeeeeeeee, I should be thereeeeeeeee!!
Her: hauauahahahaha
Me: yes, you SHOULD!
Me: kekekkekekkekekekkekek...
Her: watch your head!
Me: uh shut up!
Me: i'm terrified already...
Her: you dont sound terrified at all

Well, I may have not been terrified, but I was certainly watching the dukun warily!


They said, you've been neglecting this for too long.

They asked, do you ever want to write again?

I kept telling them, I knooowww... - putting several emoticons trying to represent the actual situation, to no avail -. And I kept promising them that yeah, I will restart.

Not because I have to. But because I can't imagine never doing this thing again.

Then I look at those half written pages. The never finished drafts. The numerous inspirations remaining raw inside this head.

Hoping beyond hope, this will begin something. - Fingers crossed -.

Leaving DC (1)

So, do you like being in D.C.?

I think some idiots must live here.


For example, the Washington Monument.


It looks nothing like the guy. It looks more like a tribute to Bill Clinton!

What do you think of Bush?

Oh, I love th-- ... oh, you mean the president??

(Excerpt from a dialog between Jeff Dunham and the adorable Achmed)

Quote of the Day

If it's there, then it's for public. Who cares?

(Treespotter's comment).

And it's about time adults realize that maturity comes with the ability to address negativities and criticism with, well, maturity. Wisdom. Sensibility. And a good sense of humor.

Thank God...

... for technology.

I can be on the road on Tuesday night and still be able to watch American Idol.

Blessed are those who TiVo-ead and YouTube-ed them!


And thank God, echoing President Ramos Horta, for those who prayed for the East Timor's First Man following the attempt to assassinate him. That saves us one of the most handsome leaders on earth.

My Dad, Hillary Clinton, and Tough Women

I spoke with my dad a couple of nights ago, and while his initial reason for calling me was to ask about my return date, we ended up talking about the presidential race here. Like many Indonesians with access to the mass media, he was absorbed by the heated -- albeit irrelevant -- debate about who the best candidate is.

My dad is obviously very fond of Senator Clinton. In fact, as far as I remember, he's always been into strong women. Not quite surprising, given that my late grandmother was the poster lady of toughness. She had raised nine sons, worked as a merchant to make ends meet, as my late grandfather's job teaching job only rewarded him a prestige (at that time. Remember, we're talking about the period of 1920s to 1940s) but not enough money to support them all. My dad once reminisced a day when she swam after him in Lake Toba when he refused to go to school and managed to drag him back to his classroom. She was very stern and disciplinary when it came to education -- and it wouldn't have been wise to let the son of a teacher skip school! In today's standard, she could be considered "abusive" for often using her hands to give the boys a lesson. But according to my dad, even if she was really hard on them, they could feel her undying love for them.

And my mom, despite her emotional dependence on my dad, is another example of female power. Only a few things can scare her off -- she'll chase a big rat and kill the poor thing without blinking while I climb onto the table whenever that rodent is present. (Note: even my dad shrugs a bit, though he will try rather unsuccessfully to hide his disgust). When we lived in Manado, she managed to get a snake out of our house. And of course I can always admire her bravery in arguing with the Maduranese becak drivers and police officers, which she wins most of the times :)). She has the fighting spirit also possessed by Mrs. Clinton.

Anyway, since my dad and I apparently root for the same person, we dedicated a considerable amount of time praising Mrs. Clinton's courage and toughness and her other accomplishments. It was definitely one of the rare, precious, Daddy-and-Me times :).

I still don't know, however, my dad's opinion on Xena. I have a strong feeling that he won't be impressed by her muscles (he didn't even think Anna Kournikova is that attractive. He has yet to see her pictures in the Sport Illustrated!). Now, Jodie Foster is another thing. I am sure he'll love her in "The Brave One".

Pic is taken from here.

Travel Warning to America?

Whoever wrote this is a genius. It's DAMN HILARIOUS. I couldn't stop laughing my butt off.

Travel Warning

The Republic of Indonesia Foreign Affairs Department
Bureau of Consular Affairs

This information is current as of today, Sat Feb 09 2008 13:53:20 GMT+0700
The Republic of Indonesia.

October 05, 2007

This Travel Warning updates information concerning the security situation in The United Sates of America and urges Indonesian Citizens to evaluate carefully the risks of travel to that country.

This Travel Warning supersedes the January 9, 2007 Travel Warning for The United Sates of America.

Due to the possibility of snipers and Gun Slingers at Universities, Schools, High Ways attacks directed against Indonesians or other Western citizens and interests, the Indonesian Foreign affairs Department urges Indonesian Citizens to evaluate carefully the risks of travel to The United Sates of America.

The Latest multi killings by snipers, psychopaths and Gun Slingers at Universities, Schools, High Ways, New York, Virginia Tech, Columbine High School, Oklahoma, New York 911, and now the lastest Norther Illinois University killings etc, in which cowboys, terrorist and sick kids kill students and al Qaeda kill more than 2500 people in New York City (Twin Towers), are a reminder that snipers, terrorist and Gun Slingers at Universities, Schools, High Ways remain active in The United Sates of America.

Similarly, during the three prior years, there were significant snipers and Gun Slingers at Universities, Schools, High Ways attacks in The United Sates of America, many in Los Angeles and in New York, Virginia Tech, Columbine High School, Oklahoma, New York 911, and now the Northern Illinois University killings as well as mayor city down areas.

Major Airport terrorist warnings in US major cities indicate the seriousness of these threats.

During 2007, the American police and security forces disrupted a number of cells linked with Al Qaeda. The existence of additional disturb people, organized crime, gun owners intending to carry out future attacks in New York, Virginia Tech, Columbine High School, Oklahoma, New York 911, etc, and now the North Illinois Campus shooting and/or other areas of The United Sates of America cannot be ruled out. Snipers and Gun Slingers at Universities, Schools, High Ways attacks in The United Sates of America could occur at any time and could be directed against any location, including those frequented by Indonesians, as well as identifiably Indonesians or other Western facilities or businesses in The United Sates of America.

Such targets could include but are not limited to places where Indonesians and other Westerners live, congregate, work, study, shop, or visit, including hotels, clubs, restaurants, shopping centers, identifiably Western businesses, housing compounds, transportation systems, places of worship, schools, or public recreation events.

While past snipers and Gun Slingers at Universities, Schools, High Ways attacks have involved the use of vehicle-borne explosives or suicide bombers carrying explosives in backpacks, snipers and Gun Slingers at Universities, Schools, High Ways may use other forms of attack in the future. Snipers and Gun Slingers at Universities, Schools, High Ways may target individual Indonesians citizen residents, visitors, students, or tourists, and tactics could include but are not limited to kidnapping, shooting, or poisoning.

The Foreign Affairs Department urges Indonesians in The United Sates of America to avoid crowds, maintain a low profile, and be vigilant about security at all times. Indonesians are advised to monitor local news broadcasts, vary their routes and times in carrying out daily activities, and consider the level of preventive security when visiting public places, high ways, down town area of mayor cities in The United Sates of America.

Indonesians who choose to vacation in The United Sates of America despite the security risks are advised to consider the level of preventive security when choosing hotels, restaurants, beaches, entertainment venues, and recreation sites, high ways, Tall Buildings, schools, Universities.

The Indonesian Mission in The United Sates of America restricts Indonesian Government employees' travel to certain areas of the country and, especially Down Town Los Angeles, Down Town New York and Miami, at times, denies them permission to travel to specific locations. Employee travel to the states of Florida, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, requires the concurrence of the Embassy's Regional Security Officer. Indonesians seeking the latest travel restriction information may contact a consular office.

The Indonesia, Mission can occasionally suspend service to the public, or close, because of security concerns; in these situations, it will continue to provide emergency services to Indonesian Citizens.

Indonesians who choose to travel to The United Sates of America despite this Travel Warning should obtain up-to-date health information before departing the Republic of The United Sates of America States.

The websites of the Indonesian Centers for Disease Control at and the World Health Organization at have current information on outbreaks of contagious diseases like AIDS and other sexual diseases. Indonesians considering travel to The United Sates of America should read the Foreign affairs Department 's Fact Sheet on aids dated July 2006 and should consult with their personal physicians concerning sexual diseases.

Indonesians living and traveling in The United Sates of America are urged to register and update their contact information with The Indonesian embassy in Washington and Consulates in many different cities. The Indonesian Mission's contact for Indonesians in emergency situations and may be done on line and in advance of travel. Information on registering can be found at the Foreign Affairs Department 's Consular Affairs website:

Registration information and recent warden messages are also available on the Indonesian, Washington website at www.washington.kedutaanri. go .id.

Indonesians can obtain information on travel and security in The United Sates of America from the Foreign Affairs Department by calling the Departemen Luar Negeri.

Additional Information:

Indonesian will also send their Banking Experts to the Unites States to help overcome the Sub-prime Loan problems faced by the USA. Mis-management has been the cause of the Economic problems in the USA. Indonesia with its fast experience in solving the BLBI problems will ensure that the USA will overcome its current problem that is effecting the world economy.

Unlike Indonesia, the USA will not need help from the IMF and/or the World Bank since Singapore 's Temasek, and other middle Eastern Countries will bail out the American Financial Institutions. This is mainly as a result of the USA threatening to withdraw all their troops, forces and fleets form the respected areas I they do not assist The USA in solving their financial problems.

Additionally the Indonesia Government will send election officials from the KPU to ensure that a fair process will take place in the next up coming election to avoid the problems faced in Florida during the last election when President Bush was elected.

A co-worker got this from his friend who claimed her concern. I suspect she must've been joking. If not, it only shows that people often don't read lengthy document thoroughly. It's sad, funny, and scary altogether!

Stereotip Catur

Teman saya pernah menggugat saya karena saya tidak bisa main catur. Menurutnya, salah satu elemen identitas kesukuan saya adalah catur, di samping menyanyi.

Saya balas mengatakan padanya bahwa nenek saya payah dalam berdendang. Saya hanya bisa mengatakan lagu apa yang sedang dinyanyikannya setelah saya menyimak syairnya. Itu pun kalau kebetulan saya tahu lagunya. Untung nenek saya cuma bernyanyi di gereja, tertutupi oleh suara para anggota jemaat lain yang -- yah, tipikal -- kencang.

Kembali ke soal catur. Terus terang, walaupun pernah (bahkan sering!) mendengar stereotip orang Batak dan catur, tapi saya jarang mendapati kawan-kawan sesuku saya main catur di manapun mereka berada. Bahkan dalam acara-acara informal, arisan keluarga, dan sebagainya, yang tentunya memberikan keleluasaan untuk terlibat dalam berbagai bentuk hiburan, termasuk catur.

Tanpa bermaksud membentuk stereotip baru, apalagi mempromosikan rasisme dan primordialisme, saya cuma bertanya-tanya kenapa bukan orang Jawa, misalnya, yang dikaitkan dengan catur. Toh kita sudah mengenal permainan catur Jawa. Saya sih tidak pernah mendengar soal catur Batak, hehehhe...


It's both amusing and annoying to read the fights in a YouTube video of Siti Nurhaliza. Seems like it was started by a Filipino poster saying that Siti Nurhaliza doesn't compare to Regine Velasquez at any level. Naturally the Malaysians stood united in defending Siti, then other Pinoys started bashing her and claimed that Regine's the truly Asian Songbird -- there goes a 500 something thread full of both praises and insults, back and forth.

Before you realize it, posters from the countries have gone further to equating each other's accomplishments. The Malays, of course, cite their economic performance, their Proton Saga, and their Petronas Tower. The Filipinos insist that their English is the best in Asia, their musical talents are the most internationally recognized, and you can find Filipino descents in American's entertainment industry. (In which one samples Lea Salonga and the two Vanessas: Minillo and Hudgens - anyone else have heard of these names?). Some Indonesians tried to sneak in by underlining the fact that Siti Nurhaliza in the video sings a song written by an Indonesian composer. (They failed. Nobody else paid attention to their post, it seems).

As usual, we ASEANs prefer to sweat the small stuff and we tend to live in our little bubble. I bet the Indians, the Hong Kongers and the Koreans are laughing their asses off when they read things like this.

So much for ASEAN solidarity.

Ahem. By the way, Indonesian's very own Anggun did get some international recognition. Though she sells record big time mostly in France and Francophone countries, her credit stretches beyond those. Sarah Brightman even does the cover-version of her "Snow in the Sahara". What do you think of that, my fellow ASEANs? *flaming mode on*

Four Leaf Clovers

I'm thinking of advising Mrs. Rukmana, the First Daughter (ahem, literally), to sack Mr. Tampubolon and Mr. Assegaff. And their team. What a waste of money, though perhaps for the clan three hundred US dollars per hour is peanut. Why should they go for such a huge expense if now half of the Indonesian population act as their defense counsel, pro bono?
For the sake of good old memories, in the name of compassion, and under the oath of forgiveness.

Now, I'm SERIOUSLY encouraging the family to consolidate their power and take advantage of this momentum, while sympathies are pouring down and their bank accounts are suddenly forgotten. If Imelda Marcos, whose late husband passed away in exile, could return full-force, then they need not worry at all. And doesn't the name "Evita Peron" ring any bell?

Hm hm hm hm. Campaign manager doesn't seem a bad job at all with these opportunities laid down before you. Ah, a blessing in disguise. Really, even after his death, that old gentleman (can) still bring good luck. I bet their backyard is full with four-leaf clovers.

Indonesians Can Teach Americans A Lesson

... when it comes to national election, that is.

I have to say I concur with the CNN reporter when she commented how ironic it is that Martin Luther King's peace message is the only thing missing during the presidential battle. All the while this whole nation is celebrating his birthday. "Legacy" has become an overused word. Clinton and Obama practically bicker over who's more righteous to be the bearer of Dr. King's, you guessed, "legacy". Interesting to note that none of them actually elaborate about how this so-called "legacy" is implemented in their overal policy, specifically in issues that matter most to Americans: Iraq, the economy, health system, illegal immigrants, you name it. Just like in the previous weeks "change" was the mantra, thanks to Obama's victory in Iowa. Mitt Romney is currently the Highest Priest of Change, and we can only pray that he will one day be generous enough to explain what exactly he means by "change". If he merely refers to the change of leadership, well, what's new then? After two consecutive periods of a single president, it is constitutional to have a new one*eyes rolling*.

Funny how the longer I live here, the more similar the US and Indonesia seem to be. Commonalities can be found in the melting pot society, or the presidential system, and even the national motto (yeah, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika vs E Pluribus Unum -- I wonder why there is not yet a research focusing on Soekarno's love-hate relations with the US).

However, being a patriotic-with-a-tendency-to-be-chauvinistic keparat pemerintah (well, I can argue that I am paid to be chauvinistic, you're all taxed for me being a chauvinistic, sweet-talking bitch here), I hold on to the view that we Indonesians are one step ahead of the Americans in choosing our leaders. Here go my reasonings:

1. We don't need a foreign enemy to attract eligible voters to the ballots. Okay, so during the New Order people were not too eager to do it, the system was a joke, one didn't need thorough observation to know who was going to win, and campaigns were truly Pesta Rakyat -- in a sense that they were more like carnivals than political events. In other words: while participation in the United States is triggered by fear, Indonesia's is by, well, joy (ahem, pun intended).

2. Having said that, campaigning weeks in Indonesia are truly the time (if not the only time) when candidates actualize their promises on people's welfare: go to any party's campaign, and you're guaranteed at least a free lunch. If you are luckier, you'll be able to bring home a new t-shirt, cap, or even cash money. In the US, you can only collect pins -- and you still can't be sure that the candidates will fulfil their pledges afterward. Just look at Bush.

3. The polemics on whether the society is ready for a female head of state is outdated. Indonesians have had one. In fact, judging from all Indonesian presidents, Indonesians have had them all: a charismatic and multitalented womanizer, a brutal dictator with angelic smile, a hobbitt with capable brain but zero gut, let alone wisdom, a visually-challenged scholar cum religious organization frontman who could care less about what he just said, a lady with a batallion of late Daddy worshippers and an advantageous reputation for being the victim a suppresive regime, who could care less about what she did NOT say, and a general who seems to have difficulties in making decisions timely. (Pardon me for having been unfairly careful here; I am still a keparat pemerintah after all).

4. Presidential candidates in Indonesia show more maturity as they have their broadcasted public debate -- they are obviously very polite! No name calling, no long list of past mistakes brought up, no raised voice when deliberating. I just watched the Democratic candidates' debate in South Carolina, trust me, even Obama lost his calmness. When he was listening to Edward's argument, I was like seeing a cheetah ready to catch its prey. It's either due to Indonesia's education system which is still not in favor of encouraging students to discuss things, or yeah, those people are just too damn polite.

Now, the parliament members are another story, but let's save it for the next post. I have a lot of things to say about them :D.

Before I forget, the most memorable, precious moment of the South Carolina's Democratic caucus is when Obama had to comment on Toni Morrison's (the Nobel Prized African American writer, not the musician) rather ridiculous statement that "Bill Clinton was the 'black' president, 'blacker' than any actual black person could actually be elected in our lifetime."

After properly commending Bill Clinton, Obama cleverly continued with wit, "I have to investigate more on Bill's dancing ability before I accurately judge whether he was in fact a brother."

To which Hillary replied with an equally humorous sentence: "I'm sure that can be arranged."

And I'm also sure after this candidates are required to get their DNA tested.

[Note: I have to replay the video to get the record in verbatim. Check the full version there.]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


I know I am among The Chosen Ones.

I am not part of the generic, ordinary bunch. Na-ah.

I don't need to tell the world that I am a Chosen One, though.

When I do that, I am degrading myself, down to the lowest level.

Plus, Darling, I do write in grammatically correct English.

Ah, be careful with the mirror, Darling. Because once it speaks a name other than yours, you might want to stuff the poisoned apple into the Named One's mouth.


I have to confess that I JUST knew that Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity.


In that case, can we dub a cyber affair: "wireless infidelity"?

Just a thought :D. And if that happens to be the lamest (or the oldest, for the matter) joke around, spare me your mercy. Have a good day, y'all!

{ ... }

I can't remember the last time a comment on my Friendster's page made me feel so... ecstatic. Yes, I am SO looking forward to seeing you again. How long has it been? Four years? Five years? Both of us have changed? For sure. It just doesn't matter. It never did, right? I guess when it comes to us, we adapt instantly :).

The Public Figure

(+) I am so tempted to tell him bluntly what I think about him and that whole messy affair. But it's his personal business *sighs*.

(-) He activates the commenting system, right?

(+) Yeah.

(-) Meaning he welcomes any comment whatsoever.

(+) It's still his personal business. Is it ethical to leave a message that can be interpreted as interfering to one's private domain?

(-) Ethics are sometimes overrated. You can also view this as a dispute between your ethics and his ethics. I don't think his post is ethical, if you ask me. The ex wife can claim that the particular post is a character assassination of her, right?

(+) Yeah, I guess so.

(-) If it is on a public domain, intentionally, then it already belongs to public, unless specified otherwise. You know, photographs, songs, or any other copyrighted materials. Which doesn't apply to this case. He can't accuse people of violating his privacy.

(+) True, true.

(-) Remember, if you're a public figure, your figure becomes public *winks*.

(+) Hahaha... So, shall I proceed with that?

(-) Go on! Besides, it's about time somebody tells him that his reputation in his field doesn't grant him the privilege to publicly degrade the other party, who seems clueless. And let's not forget the poor kid.

Pour Les Fans de Persepolis...

You might have missed Jiffest. In that case, please, do yourself a favor... GET THE DVD! (ahem.. pirated?). It's awwwweeeeesommeeeeee!!!!

The original artwork's die-hard fans (helo, Da!) need not worry that they will be disappointed. The Jury Prize of the Cannes Festival should speak for itself, yes?