They said, you've been neglecting this for too long.

They asked, do you ever want to write again?

I kept telling them, I knooowww... - putting several emoticons trying to represent the actual situation, to no avail -. And I kept promising them that yeah, I will restart.

Not because I have to. But because I can't imagine never doing this thing again.

Then I look at those half written pages. The never finished drafts. The numerous inspirations remaining raw inside this head.

Hoping beyond hope, this will begin something. - Fingers crossed -.


Silverlines said...

Finally, girl ...
Tsk. Such a long hybernation. Or was it unpacking?

yang punya said...

Haha.. I can't believe this has been neglected for almost three months! Time does fly, doesn't it? Nope, wasn't the unpacking, gal. It's the blankness :).

mellyana said...

the first step. more to come... for sure :D or, lets do that offline?

Silverlines said...

... errr .. you mean almost four months???


Memento said...

this banter of comments reminds me of one particular night somwhere in jakarta a couple of months ago... ;)

welcome back blog owner! looking forward to your long-lost writings :)

yang punya said...

Melly: I have more than enough materials for the blog, actually. It takes the willpower to put them to this site *sigh*. Homework, homework :).

Silverlines: ahahahhahh.. four months indeed! Sheesh, I forget that it *the hybernation* already started while I was still abroad.

Memento: thanks, girl :). That particular moment was a blast for me, especially because you joined us - finally, hehehhe.. Yeap, the blog has been neglected far too long. Some changes may be needed, but we'll see :).