I have to confess that I JUST knew that Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity.


In that case, can we dub a cyber affair: "wireless infidelity"?

Just a thought :D. And if that happens to be the lamest (or the oldest, for the matter) joke around, spare me your mercy. Have a good day, y'all!


Silverlines said...

It IS a lame joke, sweetheart.
And do we not always have it wireless?
Infidelity, I mean.
Or one prefers it with cables around?

nananias said...

eh da, cyber tapi pake telkomonyet? berkabel hihihi...

:D :D

Ebet said...

wireless = cilaka dua belas :D

yang punya said...

Silverlines: It really is, eh? *sighs* But your wild imagination (cables around the bodies) can't be more amusing, hehehe.. When a similar scene appears in any Hollywood movie, we'll know where the producers get the idea! :)))

Eda Nana: Kalo Kabelvision juga berkabel... hayah!!! Jadi mbahas kabel!

Ebet: Wah, ndak ngerti ini aku pak. Kamsude?