Four Leaf Clovers

I'm thinking of advising Mrs. Rukmana, the First Daughter (ahem, literally), to sack Mr. Tampubolon and Mr. Assegaff. And their team. What a waste of money, though perhaps for the clan three hundred US dollars per hour is peanut. Why should they go for such a huge expense if now half of the Indonesian population act as their defense counsel, pro bono?
For the sake of good old memories, in the name of compassion, and under the oath of forgiveness.

Now, I'm SERIOUSLY encouraging the family to consolidate their power and take advantage of this momentum, while sympathies are pouring down and their bank accounts are suddenly forgotten. If Imelda Marcos, whose late husband passed away in exile, could return full-force, then they need not worry at all. And doesn't the name "Evita Peron" ring any bell?

Hm hm hm hm. Campaign manager doesn't seem a bad job at all with these opportunities laid down before you. Ah, a blessing in disguise. Really, even after his death, that old gentleman (can) still bring good luck. I bet their backyard is full with four-leaf clovers.


nananias said...

saatnya membela para korban kedung ombo? insiden semanggi? kerusuhan mei 1998?
ada yang mau pro bono ga ya?

jangan-jangan malah dibilang ngga menghargai jasa-jasa si jenderal besar :|

Dodol Surodol said...

FYI, "2701" keluar di 4D kemaren. Mayan, hadiah kedua.

Silverlines said...

I really love posts resulting from other posts or from some lenghthy discussions.
I really do.
Nothing beats collaborated brain.

Boe said...

Upon being interviewed by Theodore Friend (past president of Swarthmore College and the writer of a mildly interesting book 'Indonesian Destinies'), L.B Moerdani once commented that reinventing of everything in Indonesia would not be possible until Soeharto's death. "We will have to wait until Soeharto dies. He will go on influencing people and events."

He was partly right. I think his second sentence will be proven prophetic: The smiling general will continue to influence people and events, even after his death.