Simon Cowell for Nobel Peace Prize!

You all might have been aware that a few days ago the Senate voted for the deadline of the US troops withdrawal from Iraq. It's been a nauseating issue for years, but with the prospect of a Democratic leadership, there's high hope that it shall be executed soon. If the Bush administration will use its veto right (as they've announced it), people can expect the withdrawal to start sometime next year. But I suspect the administration will have to find a compromising timetable. Bush's approval rating has been so low, and Condi Rice has been on the opposite side of the Hawkish league in many affairs -- the Mid East in particular.

Anyway, most people don't know what kind of battle takes place daily at the Capitol Hill. Up to now the Republicans have been fighting not to let the Iraq's issue weigh down the whole party. Believe me, as unpopular as they may look like from outside, the GOP is still very influential. And despite some different opinions of a number of Republican senators to Bush's policies, they always manage to come up in unison.

Then an almost unanimous Senate's stance on a controversial (even among the Republicans) is somewhat peculiar. Yesterday I found out the answer:


It's true! Well, to be exact: Sanjaya and the conservative Americans' latent fear on terrorism. To know what I mean, please click the video below. (Or follow this link).

Those who strive for peace on earth, raise your hand in favor of Simon Cowell's nomination for 2008's Nobel Peace Prize. The sinister guy has definitely envisioned what damage Sanjaya can cause to the current state of international relations. I myself am convinced that the video had managed to force the Republican spectators to change their mindset -- and helped oust Sanjaya for everyone's benefit (this time I can say: finally, there's justice done by the Republicans).

Now that Sanjaya has gone off American Idol, I would also suggest that somebody is kind enough to show Bush this video. It may well change his mind and thus result in Bush's compliance with the Senate's resolution. Something evil can occur should he insist exercising his veto right: Sanjaya being put back on stage!!!!


Memento said...

*LOL* this post is hilarious!

i only follow american idol on and off in the UK (it's being aired on a saturday afternoon... who on earth would watch it?), so i had no idea how big the storm Sanjaya has hit the US until i was in the states a couple of weeks ago and watching his live impeachment and seeing the media frenzy. good gods sanjaya was indeed a nightmare!!! i'm now able to see simon cowell in a different slighlty better light.

Beni Bevly said...

I did not realize if Sanjaya had very big impact on terrorism escalation and American politics :)

President Bush probably can ask Sanjaya seat next to Rice and talk about terrorism :)

yang punya said...

Memento: believe me dear, I was among the millions of people who were extremely ecstatic when he was finally voted off. as for simon.. er.. isn't he cute? :D

Beni Bevly: huahahhaha.. you know what, he was actually invited to a reception at the White House! mmm... sanjaya, the next national security advisor? *lol*