Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present to you....


The video showing her "playing the piano" has been swirling around in YouTube for several months. But, as usual, I just got to know that after seeing it on TV. No, she is not merely WALKING on the keys. She's actually sitting on the bench and hitting some keys, playing the similar tunes. She even plays in "duets" with her owner's pupils, hehehhe...

Ah, I love her even more for these facts:

1. I'm fond of cats. Always. In Indonesia, I would stop to rub street cats, and "pasar basah" cats. (Unfortunately here cats are kept at home *sniff sniff*).
2. We share our names! (My full first name, that is).
3. We share some characteristics (adorable and talented, hehehhe... well, this is MY blog, I can say whatever I want about myself *chuckle*).
4. Both us have that, er, cute round belly.
5. And, of course, we are into music.
6. We are camera lovers (though the camera doesn't always return our -- uhm, my -- love).
7. While I often tend to be indecisive, she's pretty consistent (she plays the same "song" over and over again, even in duets, regardless her partner's song *LOL*).

Check out her performance below, or just go directly to YouTube and type the keywords: The Piano-Playing Cat. Her video is on top of the list.

Judging by the video, we can say she's a pro, kekekekk...