Why I Love "Grey's Anatomy"

1. A sort of new formula for another MD serial. To begin with, this is a serial about interns, residents. Complete with messy hair, puffy eyes, sharp tongued seniors and unhelpful nurses, constant fear and mistakes. No sophisticated looking doctors who seem intact amids awfully busy environment. And the storytelling uses the comedy-drama approach, the likes of "Ally McBeal", "Sex and the City", "Desperate Housewives". You know, those without that people-laughing sound in the background.

2. Flowery surgeons caps. Should be enough said, but I can't help commenting anyway. The doctors here are not afraid to look uncool, to say the least. Bye bye blahness!

3. Sandra Oh. Finally, a serial starring an ordinary looking actress with extraordinary acting. While I also love Lucy Liu and her edgy character in "Ally", she's still considered a babe. Sandra makes us believe that talent does count. One stealing scene in "Grey's Anatomy" is when Sandra's character, Cristina, was asked by her intern colleague, Meredith (played by Ellen Pompeo), to translate for a Chinese-speaking patient. Cristina just blankly stared at Meredith, and after a few seconds reply: "How would I know? The only Chinese I hear was in Hollywood." She then left Meredith stunned.

4. Welcome back, Katherine Heigl. I remember this beautiful lady from her modelling time back in 1990s, when she was a regular on Seventeen's glossy covers and pages. Though she's appeared in countless movies, I'm pretty sure most Indonesians will only refer to "My Father, The Hero" and the "Roswell" serial. I also love it that she has, well, a deep voice (makes her sound - and look - more intelligent. Right?). I like the way she developed her teenage star image to a more mature persona. Not forever being entrapped in being too young like Reese Witherspoon or Alicia Silverstone, or playing - and LOOKING like - a waaaaay older woman a la Scarlett Johanssen. Just being normal, period. But of course, she has that deep voice.

5. The Nurse's Blog. Clever marketing strategy. Check it out at this.


b3a said...

I'm so glad there's someone out there who loves this show too...It's such a great show..