Lessons from the American Idol

I notice and I do share the feeling of a great number of people who were shocked that gifted singers got voted out of the American Idol. Nadia, Anwar, and Constantine being the latest prey of the principle of majority rules. The fact that the rude-forever-talent-questioned Scott Savol and sweet-yet-deadly-boring-in-need-of-voice-enhancer Anthony Ferodov still made it to the next step is so disheartening. I guess this pretty much gives us the impression that in order to win the hearts of American people -- at least in this fourth season -- you've got to possess this qualification:

1. Have a killing appearence, better combined with a good voice. Applicable for female only. Anyway, I've always loved Carrie Underwood and I personally think she'd get the crown this time. And I am a bit certain it's only a matter of time before Vonzell bits her goodbye to her millions of fans.

2. The "I-hate-Simon" factor. Thanks to William Hung, it is now considered cool to be the one "Idol" dissed by Simon. Nobody ever wants to be humiliated in public, thus more votes would be given to the those being put down by the sharp tongued Englishman and daring to hit back. It's sort of a public revenge to Simon, and at the same time it's about giving opportunities to those who love to sing but know that they lack many things, voice in particular. Kicking out talented singers subsequently constitutes as masturbation.

But after the war against blunt-speaking judges is over and reality takes back, the "eliminated" ones would return to spotlight. After all, it is the music industry that dictates public taste, not the other way around.


Sunny said said...

Constantine's already kicked out from AI4? Ouch, what a shame. Speaking of figure, he's very something.

yang punya said...

yeah.. I love him. He's the sweet rocker, a very rare combination. I think you should be a badboy to be an American Idol. Yew...

Anonymous said...

and how i hate to see my favarite singers ditched one by one. first anwar, now constantine.

it just shows american audience is no less different than indonesian. delon raised to idolhood kicking out nania, lucky and winda.

what a shame.


yang punya said...

rio: funny, i was thinking of exactly the same thing about delon. and ferry (or should it be spelled "verry"?) of AFI. but perhaps we could perceive this phenomenon as... er... demonstration of compassion? ;) *gak bangeeettttt!!!!*