Coupling = Marriage?

A blogpal, Melly, is deeply concerned about her relationship. Why should she be? Anyway, I think her posting is worth my million-dollar advise, hehehehe.... I kinda liked my comment, so I decide to put it here.

Tough issue! But for now, I hate complicating things and really feel that we should live for today, and stick to that very notion. I have friends (men, women) who keep saying things like, "I don't want dates. I want a future wife/husband." Silly, because you never know a person if you NEVER even date them. While THERE ARE cases where the couple never meet prior to their wedding and end up being together forever, but there are more -- especially now -- couples who badly need communication skill. How would they know how to communicate after they are married when they never do that BEFORE they get married? Your wedding date is not merely a one-off event -- it's the beginning of a longer process of tolerating, understanding, and cooperating, in addition to co-habitating!

Besides, in line with what Dear Freddy had said: there must be more to life than this. Marriage, that is!


mellyanacorner said...

thanks for your reminding :)