The Untrustworthy Wiki

Proof that Wiki shall not be regarded a reliable source: I was surprised to find a con journalist actually has a page in Indonesian Wikipedia.

I should not name him here, nor will I provide any link. But I am more than happy to spill a few things: he once worked for a Jakarta-based English newspaper, he has a press ID from a publisher that his family has a share (and it's well-known in Sumatera), he loves calling himself a "White House correspondent", and the last thing I heard about him is the outrageous news that he is marrying a television personae.

Needless to say, he already has a poor reputation among Indonesian journalists (at least, according to some people I know in the media industry). And the stubborn girl still wants to marry him? It must've been a psychological error caused by her abduction. I can only wish her the best of luck. Unless he undergoes a lobotomy, it's small chance that he's changed even a bit.

The Wiki page praises him to be the first Indonesian journalist to bla.. bla.. bla... (must not reveal more than that, sorry). I suspect he was the one who submitted the piece to Wiki. Or her, under his spelling. Ugh.


Victor said...

sopo toh? imel aja kl pasang namanya disini gak etis ;)

-Fitri Mohan- said...

A.T kah? *nebak dot com* :D :D :D

yang punya said...

Fitri: wakakakkak..!!! nyampe ke NY beritanya? ;)

mellyana said...

Aku tahu. Aku tahu *dengan gaya hermione ngacung kebelet pengen jawab*

ah, kakak terlalu banyak memberi petunjuk nih.

aku tau, kepertamaaannya dia itu diperoleh di tahun 2005 kan, dan artikel dia musti dirapikan :))

betul gak

yang punya said...

Mel, mungkin emang terlalu banyak petunjuk. Tapi kalo yg gak tau ya gak tau aja. Lagian kan gak ada nama (kecuali inisial dari Fitri itu hehehe... yg bisa berlaku untuk siapa aja), gak ada link. Artikelnya gak usah dirapiin. Cuma separuh bener juga kok :p. Udah bagus gak ada yang ngeralat selama ini.