A Gorgeous Mom and the Little Angel

It's amazing how my sister retains her maternal glow after Abby was delivered. And isn't the little angel the cutest baby in the world? Oh oh.. can hardly wait until I hold her with my own hands!


Riyan Delhi said...

Selamat ya Tante Ellen... senengnya punya ponakan :)

yang punya said...

Thanks Rijan. How's Delhi? Foto2nya jangan cuma waktu di pasar aja! :))

Memento said...

congrats for the arrival of the newborn in your family :)
the baby looks soooo cute! those cheeks are just adorable :D

btw, what's your email address? i've scrolled up and down this blog but can't find it :p i'm not sure whether i'm gonna stop by at DC on my upcoming trip or not but hey, who knows? ;)

guebukanmonyet said...

Selamat yah Mba :) Btw, emang tinggal di DC yah? Sama donk, dimananya Capitol Hill?


yang punya said...

guebukanmonyet: makasih :)). iya, tinggal di sekitaran DC nih. di ujung barat lautnya :D. thanks udah mampir ya!