Jamie Lynn

It was a shocking news for her. All she could do was staring at the doctor - who didn't try to cover her pity but remained professional. She felt numb for a killing five minute silence.

Deep down, she knew she wasn't surprised. She had used that test pack, hadn't she? The doctor only confirmed her fear.

The doctor continued for a while, explaining possibilities before her. "In the end," she said with apparent sympathy in her voice, "it's your decision."

She completely understood it. She always had. That was pure accident. Or was it? Wasn't it recklessness?

But there was no use crying over spilled milk. She had to think. Think. It wouldn't take long for her mom to get a clue. Sooner or later, the press would find out. Time was not on her side.

It took her a couple of weeks to make the decision and go telling it to her mom. As she had predicted, she was furious about it.

"Why, Jamie Lynn? Why? How could you?"

She had cried on her pillow every night. She had wet her boyfriend's shirt. It felt like she wouldn't be able to produce more tears. But it broke her heart watching the lady who had given birth to her, raised her, and been totally devoted to her children's career, crumbled.

It was the last thing she would do on earth, disappointing her parents like this. They had had enough. With the big sister who is struggling with her alcoholism and mental problem. In public.

She had been portrayed by the media as the only sane person in the family. Her parents had always been unfairly judged by the brutish spectators, blamed for her sister's behavior.

It was never easy for her. She grew up in spotlight. Tried to make a living in the spotlight. Yes, she got the fame, but with an expensive price. Somehow, people are more demanding to those who they claim have better and glamorous life than the average.

At 16, she had decided to bear the consequences of her own action. Be a mother. Risk loosing things on her hand now: youth, career, reputation, and the future. How many people much older than her have the comparable amount of courage?

Jamie Lynn Spears is our own kid. She may live in a society that, on surface, seems more tolerant to one of the so-called deadly sins: lust. This shows that Americans are just as conservative. Many suggest that her show be canceled, because she is a now a bad role model. To a certain extent, Americans -- just like Indonesians -- prefer to close their eyes to the inconvenient truth. I personally have another idea: Let Zoey get pregnant, so teenagers will learn that young love isn't all about mishy-mushy, but also requires a heck lot of self-restraint.

Jamie Lynn is still quite lucky, though. Had she not been able to keep her showbiz career, she would most likely be able to continue her education. Her family and friends will still possibly support her. The society might label her a "failure", but not "slut".

If she were in Indonesia, she might be forced to get illegal abortion. If her school found out, she would be expelled with no hesitation. Her family would abandon her; her friends would be forbidden to be anywhere near her by their parents. In Indonesia, she'd better learn her mistake by being a hypocrite rather than being responsible.


Silverlines said...

That's bad. One should have always thought of any possibilities before doing anything. Including sex making.
Even if it a non-pleasant possibilities, (s)he has to bear the consequences.
Or, avoid doing it in a first place.
But certainly, in any place under the sun, abortion, let alone illegal one, is not fair for anyone.

Now I know why I have condoms in my bag at all times ;-)

yang punya said...

At her age, abstinence is probably the best thing. Because being sex active requires big responsibility, especially if she's not within the wedlock. That of course includes any birth control means. And at the era of HIV/AIDS, condom is a must. I know that young people are often careless, thats why we need to remind them all the time.

Ecky said...

Safe sex! And I think sex education is important here, well pregnant is not the end of the world, what if she had AIDS because of that careless behaviour?

Silverlines: I agree with you, condom is important for "just in case" situation :)

yang punya said...

ecky: even with our current method in sex education -- and not ALL schools have this, mind you :( -- young students still have the incorrect information from various sources. the thing is, we cannot pretend that moral lectures alone will help preventing unsafe sex. but like i mentioned, in indonesia people would rather be hypocrite than be responsible :(.

miund said...

she'll probably lose nickelodeon's contract. but she won't lose her career.

if they forgive lindsay lohan and brush off nicole richie's pregnancy, they'll get over jamie lynn. besides, they still scrutinize her older sister. they won't have time for her.