Last Christmas

Nope, this ain't about Wham's "tacky" (according to my gal pal Renata) Christmas song. But this year marks my last Christmas in this country, at least for this tenure.

And, yeah, another non white Christmas.

But Christmas is not time for self-pity. It's not time to whine.

Neither it is merely about gifts and parties (though I wouldn't mind them. Anyone inviting me?;))

It's about joy (not in materialistic term), and love, and the celebration of humanity. It's about giving thanks for the life granted to us. It's about giving back the Love that has created us.

As I mentioned earlier, Christmas is the time of giving. So maybe it's about time Santa's (hm, judging by the look, I suspect it's Zwaarte Piet posing as Santa Claus!) clients be the giver and do a favor for Santa -- spare him a dime, for instance ;).

Merry Christmas everyone! You may or may not celebrate it, but I wish you all - regardless your background - a joyous time!


wet elf said...

hmmm ... so you think he's black pete posing as santa huh? didn't you even think that he was the real santa but after flying through the southern hemisphere he got tanned ... really really really tanned?
happy holidays

Dodol Surodol said...

Met Natal, Jeng!

Jadi mau pulang nih?

nananias said...

atau kasi senyum buat yang manis-manis. itu giving juga kan?

met natal da. sampe ketemu bulan april! ga sabaaaaaar...

Memento said...

hope you had a great crimbo!
and happy holidays! :)

Boe said...

Merry Christmas mbak Lenje!!

mellyana said...

selamat natal kakak. makasih loh ucapannya. at the end, it's all good.
He is GOOD, God is Good. It's HIS birthday but HE the one provides us with the greatest gift ever.

can't wait for the new year, where everybody has promised to come!

Sontoloyo said...

met natal dan tahun baru eleen.

Mo ke Jakarta yahhh ??

Asik2...awas kalau nanti dah sampe sini kaga ketemuan...sekalian minta lowongan uahuahuahuhauhuha.