Yayaya... American Idol Again!

I had intended to write this much earlier, the second Jordin was crowned the American Idol of 2007. But of course I decided to delay it, as it would be a spoiler (though many may have got the news from text messages/internet/messengers/buzzes).

I'm not going to rewrite the whole news, we've all had enough of it. Only a few notes.

One, most memorable moments from the finale -- for me -- were Jordin and Blake kissing each other's cheeks at the end of their duet "When I Saw Her Standing There", and Blake kissing Jordin's palm when Ryan Seacrest was about to announce the winner. Those who watched the finale, did you see how Blake often splashed adoring glances to Jordin? Despite their age AND height gap, he might've been having a crush on her, hehehe... that's cute, I think :D. In the Washington Post's review's words: a strong chemistry. Well, well, you know what people say about chemistry between two sexes, right?

Second, right after Melinda was voted off the competition, message billboards and blogs were full of people's disappointment and anger, and many threatened not to watch the final show. Guess what: they actually did -- resulted in the lowest rating of an AI finale in the past few years. Despite the 74 million messages claimed by the show producer, apparently watchers only reached around 30 millions, or a 19% decline from last year's.

This surely poses a serious dilemma to Fox. On one hand, they have to address the disappointment over Melinda's failure, which had seemingly affected the show's rating. But on the other hand it also reflected (theoretically, at least) the viewers' choices -- especially the young crowds, a very potential market target. At this point I have no idea how they're going to do that -- a trick?

Well, it's for them to figure out :D. Meanwhile, I'm sharing with you the video clip featuring the killer duet mentioned above. Cute, cute, cute :D.


Dodol Surodol said...


Jadiin! Jadiin!

bridge said...

Yes, I read that too. There were less viewers compared with last year AI. But, I guessed they believe that this will worth it when they selling out Jordin first album to the market:)
Could it be Melinda did not win because many of Sanjaya fans sent sms to choose Jordin and Blake? Especially since Melinda is Simon's fave:) He..he...he.. having too much negative thinking

yang punya said...

Dodol: Jadin? Itu bukannya nama agen properti?

Bridge: But Jordin is also Simon's fave, so hypothetically Sanjaya's fans (if they were indeed to take a class action against Simon) would've sent their support to Blake. No? *dibahas euy, dibahas, kekekke..*

jie said...

Btw.. prediksinya terbukti nih.. Jardin no.1 & Blake no.2 :D

Prediksi Indonesian Idol juga dong.. :P

Dodol Surodol said...

Hmm, sepertinya terjadi salah pengertian :P Tapi kan, ah sudahlah...

Gua taunya agen properti itu ERA ama Roy White(TM).

yang punya said...

Dodol: Wahhh... pancen awakku guoblok tenan. Setelah takbaca lagi teliti, ngerti sekarang maksudmu. Jadi gw sekarang disuruh jadi mak erot, eh, mak comblang???

Jie: Itu mah satu Amrik juga udah menduga kalo Jordin bakal menang. Kalo Indo Idol yo gak ngerti gimana prediksinya.. ada yg mo kirim filenya ke sini? :D

bridge said...

Nooo, Simon confessed that he did not think that Jordin is good enough to be in the final... Ya ampun, kita masih ngebahas ini juga:)