Neglecting Eden

With the latest discovery of fish, shrimp and coral species, including two new types of walking shark, researchers dub its water "Earth's richest seascape and the most biodiverse marine area in the world". And only months ago scientists in the Foja Mountain expedition found an abundant number of new species of plants and animals -- for hundreds of years have lived in tranquility, somehow been safeguarded from the greediness of "civilized" groups of Homo sapiens.

Maybe it's God's course of leaving a remnant of Eden on this part of the globe.

Adam and Eve had to surrender Eden for they had taken it for granted: their existence, their life in it, was subject to their obedience to their Creator.

We have been neglecting Eden. What do we expect?


Boe said...

I bet they are better of neglected by us, the so called civilized group.

mellyana said...

but, sometimes, "the" neglecting eden is just so close, yet we neglect them. the eden in our heart *tsah, lagi garing banget nih*

budibadabadu said...

to neglect eden in your youth is to be lonesome in old age. funny how it all falls away.