God is always In-Timely On Time!

I don't know whether this posting's title is grammatically correct, and I certainly don't care, hehehe... I'd just like to share my heartful thanks to the Divine One, whose watchful eyes guard me wherever I go and constant presence enables me to solve my problems! To try to make a list of all of them would be completely foolish; there are way too many, since the day I was born!

During a Friday session at our Embassy a few weeks ago, a colleague who is informally mandated to deliver sermons every time a preacher or evangelist is not present gave the Embassy's "congregation" the above theme to deliberate. It started with another collague's witnessing on how she suddenly fainted out of nothing at the office. She was so scared at that time, thinking that was probably due to hypertension, something that runs in her family. (And that was the day after Thanksgiving, so you can imagine the kind and amount of food filling up her gastric organs!) Praise the Lord, she was brought to the hospital in time, and after a thorough examination the doctors told her that she was alright.

Although this may not seem extraordinary, in such a condition you will feel that God is there when you are at your lowest point. Who knows, what happened to that friend of mine could actually be something more serious?

Anyway, my friend's testimonial was followed by a series of similar incidents befalling the others. Another colleague was driving when she suddenly felt the urge to... put on her make up. As the traffic light had turned red, she pushed the brake pedal and started to paint her face. Her face halfway done, she realized that she was quite far behind the car preceding hers. She did come to think that she had to move closer, yet she didn't do anything. To her shock, before she knew it a trailer passed in front of her and hit the fence of the house on her right side! Had she been several feet advanced, she could've been rempeyek.

These past several months I experienced many things, and each one showed me the unconditional love He showered on me. I planned to put some in this posting to complete stories I have submitted above, but since the most important ones are related to my dearest car -- which I'm going to make a new posting about -- I dropped the idea.

Aside from those big moments (you know, when it's a matter of life and death -- as in YOUR life and death), we usually didn't pay attention to the petty occurances, which -- if we think of them carefully -- demonstrates God's love: the security guard who gives you a free bus ticket after he saw your confusion with the foreign country's transportation system; a grandma who offers to share with you her umbrella at the first sign of snow; tukang warung who without thinking hands you a glass of hot tea the second you enters the warung to shelter you from the heavy rain outside... When was the last time we look back to these things and feel grateful for His presence, through the people around us?