Bringing Your Guy to Your Chick Sessions -- My Version

Before you get on with this, perhaps you'd like to check the original version, titled Girls' Night Out... With Your Guy? This is one amusing writing that managed to trigger my creative side to picture myself in it... with several, er, adjustments. I also found this inside-the-wedlock tip useful for most unmarried (yet) couples.

Anyway, the writer suggests some ideas on how to get your guy to enjoy chick things (or so to speak. On a second thought: could this be read 'how to FORCE your guy to enjoy things that vibe you?'). Or in her words: slowly introduce him to the things that may initially freak him out. How right!

1. Watch a chick flick.

This comes from the very stereotypical thought that guys go for full-action movies, while gals prefer romantic comedies. The writer advises that the girl asks the guy to watch a movie sporting a man (finally) winning his dreamwoman's heart (usually the man in movies like these is a looser, and the woman is model-type, who was once involved with way better looking guys but ends up with this so-called ordinary guy).

Real case test:

No. 1, real-life models date hot dudes, or rich dudes, or hot and rich dudes. Ordinary people are stuck with ordinary people.

No. 2, my guy happens not to be that stereotypical. Some movies on his watchlist: Autumn in New York and You've Got M@il, both of which I never see. I also once dated a guy who watched Titanic five times! (I had enough seeing it once, and that was only for Leonardo di Caprio). Though I can still enjoy romantic or romantic comedy movies, I don't really look for them. In my case, I'll have to find a way to drag him to an.. er.. animated movie *blushes*. Madagascar and Lilo and Stitch are more my things, hehehe.. But I guess both of us can rely on suspense-thrillers.

2. Share a nosh.

Or cook together. Sometimes, pretend that you cook together (though his contribution goes as far as drizzle on some liquor on top of a cup of vanilla ice cream).

Real test case:

Me? Cooking? He can tell spices from their smell way better than I do! Everytime my niece busies herself in the kitchen, I'll take a peek behind her back, grab a can from the fridge or shelf, pour the content down to a bowl and turn on the microwave. Voila! My meal is ready. Let me imagine how our cooking romance will set off:




(thinking really hard)

... I give up. I can only think of the more fun and kinkier "undertakings" that we will be more than happy to commit in the kitchen (or on the kitchen floor?), hehehee...

3. Grab a drink and gab at home.

Lure him into conversation with a glass or two of cocktails, and perhaps after he gets relaxed he'll spill out his sillier side. Or to put it in another way: get him drunk and find out his secrets!

Real test case:

Never tried this before in purpose. And not sure if I ever will. I don't really like the idea. Chatting is chatting, talking is talking, drinking is drinking. Who wants to end up having to bring that limp, big body to the bathroom and seeing he vomits before your very eyes? (Well, unless you have to, but not because you initiate it!). And you might hear what you don't want to hear. Sometimes not knowing means less heartache.

4. Catch a craft fair

This is supposed to introduce your guy to the bliss of shopping, by taking him to a craft exhibition or other shopping venues where he can find things of his interests. It is expected that once he gets used to associating "shopping" with "having fun", he'll have the pleasure to escort you to the malls.

Real case test:

If I go shopping, I'd rather go myself. Or with my girlfriends. Not because he will fuss over it, but I'd prefer other occassions and places I can still share with him. Like having a chat over coffee and tea in his or my fave spots.

And I think guys do like shopping. They just do it differently. I know many guys who could spend hours picking things up, observing new gadgets in Mangga Dua. Those living in the US, try Advance Auto Parts or Best Buys or Home Depot -- you might be surprised on the amount of time they're willing to spare.

So, girlfriends, the next time he criticizes your shopping habbit ("it really is a waste of money for that plain skirt", or "I thought you've already had 100 pairs of black shoes!") remind him that sometimes he brings home not-so-useful devices ("OMG! Another set of bolts? And why should we still have to call the handyman everytime there's a leak in the bathroom?", or "It never occured to me that there are several kinds of fishing hats. The fishes won't notice it anyway, and nor will the boots.")

5. Mosey through a museum

This says that guys typically hate outside brain-exercising activities. And that some men's typical weekends involve sitting in front of the TV or catching the game.

Real case test:

Funny, because I bump into many men in Smithsonian, though. Of course, one can suspect that their girlfriends or wives tug them along, hehehe... And in Indonesia, during weekends men tend to go to -- you guessed -- garages! Somehow they always manage to find something about the car that needs fixing.

If I may suggest, bring them to museums that will entertain both of you, like sex museums. (You'll find them interesting. I did. A porn movie in black and white, produced circa '20? Believe me, the actors were really naked and they actually did the deed!) Unfortunately, museums like these don't exist in Indonesia.

On the other hand, if your guy doesnt like going to museum, I don't see the reason why he should be forced to. But of course, you can tell him that you'd like to bring another male company if he couldn't make it. And mention casually the name of the guy who has a crush on you (and he's well aware of that).

6. Paw over old pics

This means trying to strengthen your bond by sharing and reliving your beautiful moments. According to the writer, these are going to bring back memories of your connection and bring on that warm, fuzzy feeling. It could be just the thing to remind you of what brought you together -- which should come in handy the next time you hit a rough patch in your relationship.

Real Case Test:

I would love to share everything with my guy. I'd even let him see pictures from my teenage period... the selected ones! The ones that I can stand to see myself, hehehe... There are many that I don't have the heart to look through again, they are so sad looking, yucks! But tossing them away feels like trying to erase some parts of my life, and it's not that traumatic that I want to completely forget it!

Final Note

Despite my comments, these may actually work for you! So don't be afraid to try them out.


sontoloyo said...


Watch Chick Flick
Ini mah gue juga kadang suka nontonnya.Walaupun kaga sesering perempuan lain,gue pikir cowo sometimes have to touch their Y Chromosome (or X ?).

Share a nosh
Ehmmm...kaga sombong sigh gue nih mayan jago masak, soalnya biasa bantuin nyokap gue sang ahli masak di dapur kalau gue lagi liburan (Karena gue bangunnya pagi walau liburan).Para mantan gue kaga seimbang ilmu masaknya sama gue....tapi kalau beres2 sisa "peperangan" (Habis masak) mereka semua lebih jago 4 x lipat daripada gue.
3. Grab a drink and gab at home.

Akan terjadi kalau kita berdua kaga punya duit untuk keluar hahahahhaha biasanya tanggal tua atau tengah bulan.Tapi kalau harus pake liquor...hmmmm....blom pernah nyoba, yang ada air putih dan obrolan mesra

4 Catch a craft fair
Duh...yang ini mendingan dia pergi sama temen cewenya ajah deh....beneran gue suka sebel diajakin pergi belanja yang tidak ada hasil atau tujuan jelasnya mau beli apaan....yang ada mrengut sepanjang masa,maaf yah saya ga pernah nongkrong di AS hardware lama2 juga....mahal ^_^.

Fifth: . Mosey through a museum
Huaaaa sex museum ??
Gile bener..gue juga jadi pengen lihat ke sana ?
Tapi masuk ke monas dan musium gajah aja gue belom pernah seumur hidup....orang jakarta lagi duhhh....
(Kenapa kaga ada kencan di kebun binatang yah ?)

Ke enam: Paw over old pics
Pernah nih..yang ada dia pulang cemburu karena satu2nya album foto yang gue punya lebih banyak foto cewe2nya daripada poto gue....tapi kan itu the past....shheesss....kaya gitu banget sih.

emaq said...

what about logging in abook store and buy none , skip all core bussines like have a shower,have lunch etc . those are really you my girl . i love you n miss you so much

Yang Punya! said...

sondi: buset dah! this long piece of yours should be a blog posting, not a comment!

emaq: miss you too, mom! but could u please not share those embarassing things abt me with the whole world? ouch...

Dinda said...

secara gw jomblo (tapi banyak gebetan :P) kayaknya gw gak pas deh berkomentar. tapi, dari pengalaman yang sudah-sudah... (ehmm...) dan berhubung sedang semangat untuk 'menyaingi' sontoloyo, gw mau komen. (maksa nih!)

1. watch a chick flick
c'mon. i prefer watchin it with my girl friends. lebih seru. gak ada jaminan aja mereka ngerti girl-things. yanga da mereka spoil it, karena nanya terus. sebel!

2. share a nosh
gw aja deh yang masak. mereka cuci piring sebagai tanda terimakasih. itu juga udah lebih dari cukup kok.

3. grab a drink an gab at home
gw alergi alkohol. and my boy friend WILL NEVER suggested me to drink. soalnya nanti mereka sendiri yang repot karena gw merengek2 karena seluruh badan gatel2.

4. catch a craft fair
my last bf loves shopping. ACE hardware is heaven for him. koleksi victorinox dan leatherman dan mag-lite dan karabiner dan peralatan outdoor (termasuk SEPATU!!!)and gandgetnya buat iri. dia malah sebel kalo ngajak gw shopping, abis gw suka nanya2 gak penting, hihihi.

5. Mosey through museum
some of my boyfriends do like going to museum. but i believe we tend to browse around town. liat tempat2 unik.

6. Paw over old pics.
We do that A LOT. since my last bf is a photographer, his old photos (sisa2 liputan jaman dulu - sebelum gw kenal dia) are intersting. dan dia suka pamer malah! sampe sekarang, aku selalu jadi kritikus setia foto2nya, hhihihi...

final note:
aaahh.. there's no final note. just do what you guys like to do. respect each other is the key. rite?

Yang Punya! said...

dinda: aku jadi pengen komentar balik.

#2, yah pokoke kan ada yg bertugas memasak dan ada yg bertugas membereskan. kalo si yayang memasak, berarti saya yg harus membereskan :P.

#4, tuh bener kan, cowok juga demen shopping. cuma tempatnya beda. dan mereka jarang yg suka barang mungil dan lucu kayak kita, mungkin karena cowok pada dasarnya enggak suka detil.

komentator nyasar said...

komen ini komen buat komen-nya komen...ah,pyiuuusiiing :)

#2 masak bareng? dgn yg punya blog ini?? hmmmm...
bisa dibayangin klo punya pasangan yg.....motong kalkun ajah dgn rambut tergerai...hihihihi
buuu, mbok ya di-iket, atau mau sayah pinjemin bando? :D

biar dunia per-kulineran ga tercoreng, buat sosok yg kurang trampil (kata "payah" terlalu kuat -red) di dapur, mungkin sebaiknya berkata, " mmmm...say...mmmm, tersanjung banget deh kamu mau bantuin, tapi...sepertinya lada kita (tiba-tiba!!!) habis. Mmmmmm...tolong beliin Siberiyah... I love you. Take your time".... kuakakakakak...

Ngapain ajah di lantai dapur?
bukannya masak, malah "bercampur" ;)
anak2 zaman sekarang emang suka sembarangan tidur
ga cuma di dapur, juga di sumur
haiii, yg punya blog!, saya jangan ditimpuk kapur
emang rada kurang ajar, tapi tujuannya mulia, mau melipur
daripada puyeng kayak pemain catur
smoga terhibur, yoiii ga, brur

maturnuhun, saya harus kabur
pengen bli garam ke pulau Madur(a).......[huruf a-nya disimpan....maksaaaahhhh :D]

Yang Punya! said...

komentator nyasar, dasar!
Anda selalu suka berkelakar!
Tapi saya rasa anda seorang penggemar
Karena tahu soal rambut saya yang tergelar
Saran saya, segera keluar!
Jangan bersembunyi di balik akar! *maksa part II, hehehe...*