(+) Something's been occupying my mind lately.

(-) What?

(+) Do you notice the buzzes about civil union and gay stuff and others?

(-) Uhm. It's been around for quite some time, hasn't it? Why?

(+) Well, you see... *coughing* you know that I'm not a shallow person, right? I mean, we have lots of gay friends. I didn't even blink when Steve confessed to me that he's gay. Yes, of course it made me awkward for a while, but I guess since I'd figured it out long before he told me, things has returned to normal between us. He's still one of the guys.

(-) *getting impatient* And your point is...

(+) I need to tell you this. *pause* I'm a bit disturbed with all these accusations towards the conservative churches that are against gay church leadership, claiming that they are being discriminative. I mean.. it's one of the basic principles, that men are paired with women. I'd defend my gay friends any day if they ever get discriminated at work for their sexual orientation, for instance. Hecks, I might even back them if they ask for a civil union! But demanding that the church recognizes gay marriages, or allows a gay to lead it, is a bit too much.
(-) Well, just to remind you, until recently some churches banned women from being preachers.

(+) I know. But it's not the same case. God created a man AND a woman in equality, so both sexes have the same right.

(-) Wow, wait. You said first that you will support civil union but you refuse gay marriage? Aren't they the same?

(+) Not quite. Civil union goes under men's regulation. Well, yeah, it's gay marriage acknowledged by the State, by men. But I don't think the church ought to give the same treatment if it is against its basic principles.

(-) Hahahhaa... Honey, you are hypocrite! And inconsistent!

(+) *sighs* Maybe I am. This thing has been lingering in my mind, and it started to annoy me as Steve's practically condemning it. As if it's the only subject that he keeps talking about everytime we hang out together.

(-) You could simply tell him to shut up *wicked grin*.

(+) Hahaha... I can tell him that I hate his complaining about it forever, then he'll ask why. Then I'll answer him what I think, then he'll accuse me for being shallow, or worse, inhumane. Perfect!

(-) *smiling* First of all, you are sure that his being gay doesn't affect your friendship, right? He's still all the same to you, right?

(+) *hesitant for a few seconds* Well... in the beginning it was kinda awkward. Not anymore, though. He's a sensitive guy. He introduced me to his boyfriend once, we go out together occasionally, but he never blabbers about what will follow when they're alone.

(-) Then listening to him is the least you can do, being his closest friend. Or if that really bothers you, tell him. But please point out that, regardless your firm stance on the issue, he remains a dear friend to you. If he's that cool and as open minded as you are, he'll listen to you too.


Dodol Surodol said...

If he's that cool and as open minded as you are, he'll listen to you too.

Setuju. Kaum homoseksual boleh minta pengertian kaum-kaum laennya atas pilihan seksual mereka. Adalah bagus kalo mereka juga nyoba ngertiin ketidaknyamanan kaum-kaum laennya.

moose said...

Agree with you Dodol...but ngertiin juga kalo kaum minoritas selamanya harus berjuang lebih keras daripada kaum mayoritas untuk mendapatkan hak-hak asasinya. bukankah begitu? Makanya perlu ada perilaku affirmative baik dr minoritasnya sdr maupun dr mayoritas...bukan yang 'memaklumi'(seolah-olah yang minoritas itu salah), tapi yang menerima eksistensi mereka secara equal... (karena yang minoritaspun itu sama-sama manusia juga)

dodY said...

begini lah repotnya kalo mainstream berkuasa :)