Democrats Take Over the House!

The Democrats finally took over the House in this midterm election.
Something that many have been calculating, but nobody really had the gut to predict the result.
The Iraq war has turned out to be the major winning issue.
People can't just bear more casualties. False hopes. Broken promises.
Patriotism and faith that eventually peace will prevail are no longer enough to build confidence on si vis pacem, para bellum.

Ah, and women made their remarks:
Hillary Clinton got more then seventy percent votes.
And Nancy Pelosi became the first female Speaker of the House.

Guys, now please just stop all these demonstrations. Bush Jr. has just been hit hard and needs to take a rest. Give him some mercy.


Silverlines said...

On top of that Rumsfeld was also just resigned (I wonder why he didn't do it long before ?.
Remember this:

"It could last for six days, six weeks, I doubt it will be six months."
Turned out to be three freakin' years and counting, and more than 650,000 Iraqis casualties already

Shame on you, Bush !!
Shame on you.
Eat your heart out now and step down (un)gracefully please !!

Rijen said...

Berita buruk buat para perunding di WTO. Demokrat cenderung lebih proteksionis daripada republiken.

Mungkin harus nunggu beberapa tahun lagi supaya perundingan WTO bisa jalan lagi ya?

wd said...

n Senator Obama? It's said that his step father is an Indonesian.. hue.he.he. bakalan ada agenda apalagi.. ya..nantinya..