Borat: The Next Peace Ambassador

A few reasons why Borat could be nominated the next Peace Ambassador:

One, he's so plain funny. With that naivity and unmoved expression.

Second, he's a reporter from Kazakhstan who practically insults Kazakhstan, and yet the spokesperson of the Kazakhstan Embassy in DC still hopes that his movie will bring people closer to Kazakhstan (frankly speaking, I become wondering whether Kazakhstanis are all like that).

Third, he's an anti-Semitic Jewish (the actor who plays him, that's it). The Arabs will love him, and so do other anti-Israel crowds. And yet no words from the Israeli government (or Jewish community) are against him.

Four, he makes Americans a joke with this movie, actually makes money out of it, and it is loved by the Americans! And the rest of the world, undoubtedly (with a few exceptions of movie critics, of course).

I'm thinking of the first steps to campaign for his candidature.

PS: Pic is taken from here.


fisto said...

Borat for President!

yang punya said...

fisto, beneran lo? yakin? berani mati? *hihihi.. apa seh..*