Bad Boys and Chocolate!

Bad boys are like chocolate. We know they will cause us migrain, yet we always crave for them. Though we have promised ourselves that we'll stop taking them, we always find reasons to have a single bite -- which will later be followed by more and more. In the end, when we have to struggle to button the shirt since we've gained significant kilograms or when we are in our bed, suffering from severe headache, we will only be cursing ourselves.


nananias said...

hohohohohohoho like croc eh? oopsssy daisy.. did you say choc, ahh you did! i thought croc :D

Silverlines said...

It's addictive, indeed. But for sure also, bad and good boys keep separate places in my heart. They don't occupy the same part of it and I am the only one to know which part is the best of those.

Little Sis said...

Agreed!!! Men are chocolate without expire date!