The Wall of Jer-Ego

Complains on Americans paranoiac policies, from issuing numerous travel warnings to places that are way safer than Bronx in midday, to bugging all telephone lines in the country (in addition to, well, governmental buildings in other countries), are already countless. Protests have been made to no avail by foreign missions as their high rank officials are told to take off their shoes -- many times in not a very nice way -- once these important people step on the Land of the Free. Hats off to the late composer of the Stars Spangled Banner: this is indeed the home of the brave. Brave enough to face the threats of bomb explosions, lunatics firing schools, serial killers serving in religious places, and megalomaniac actors who vehemently scan all tabloids to find even the smallest column on their love lives.

Wait, are we talking about the United States or about Indonesia? I'm getting more and more confused. Either I need a lobotomy or yes, like the Ambassador always points out, the United States and Indonesia do have a lot in common. Well, well, well, ain't THAT interesting?

There I go rambling again.

Anyway, the Bush administration's plan to extend the walls along the border with Mexico has become the main issue since last year in the latter country -- raising fears on the possible drainage of incoming dollars from the migrant workers. The illegal migrant workers, to be exact. Some have even likened it to the Berlin Wall, calling the plan as "insulting".

What the Mexicans don't quite understand, to my opinion, is that the wall plan doesn't only cater security concern, in all aspects: literal, political, and economic. There is a bigger issue here, and the keyword is: China.

With Chinese made products flooding American market, its traditional influence in Asia now stretching to other areas, its warfare getting more and more modernized, the US is watching over the Dragon state cautiously. It's not just about factual or potential threats. It's actually the EGO thing.

You see, by the time the walls along all US borderlines are completed, the US will have the longest wall ever: 12,032 km -- exceeding the Great Walls which goes as far as 6,232 km. Some may argue about the incorrect statistics: both countries' border total length is only 3,141 km. Try to add the length of US-Canadian border and you'll get the above number.

But the US doesn't have problem with Canada, right?

Indeed, not at the moment. But problem could always be created, especially when the Mexicans will try to enter US territory through Canada.

And don't forget, the main objective here is DEFEATING CHINA. The US's "Great Wall" will finally replace China's as one of the World's Wonders, hehehhe...

For the sake of our own national interest (read: Indonesia and its citizens' interest), we should support this policy. The Mexicans and other Latinos claim that they have become the pillar of US' economy and think that they are indispensible. Ayayayay.. Amigos, I have news for you: millions of future migrants from Asia and Eastern Europe are READY to plunge into the Land of Foreigners. And certainly they are more than happy to speak English rather than demanding that their native language be officially recognized!

Pic is taken from the Prickly City comic strips.


Anonymous said...

let me go over this post for the 10th time. errr it's about indonesia right?


Anonymous said...


that, my dear, will be left on your judgment... *siul2*

yang penting kan daku sudah berusaha membela kepentingan nasional. ya tak?? *tetep cinta tanah air*

Anonymous said...

Sharp and smart one !!
Will we ever be in a borderless world, one day ?
Who knows there will be time that visa and passport is no longer needed (the way I am dreaming nowww !!) , and thus, competition on economy sectors are no longer there.

Yeah yeah, I am dreaming. As much as I am dreaming that corruption and collusion in a country called Ind****** is gone, disappeared, nada, finito.

I'd rather fall in love for the zillionth times than thinking about it now.

Anonymous said...

Added Later:

BTW, and you called yourself in a blogger's block ??????
You gotta be kidding me, girl !

Anonymous said...

Silverlines, your first comment is unquestionably a curhat, hehehhe.. And I was in a blogger's block for quite a while, just somehow was inspired when .. er.. doing something in the bathroom :D.