Making the Right Decision

Having decided to browse for some samples of the so-called Indonesian indie music, I found myself listening to Jason Tedjasukmana's podcast interview with singer Tompi. (Yes, I know that Tompi is NOT considered an indie artist and neither is this post about indies. It's about me being astonished by a young, promising talent in Indonesia. )

He unpretentiously explained to Jason that he never intended to have a career out of music. It's merely his way to make money to realize his dream in becoming a cosmetic surgeon. All in a well-spoken manner, almost flawless English, and without a single hint of vanity -- which would be understandable. A medical student in a society that still places doctors in the elite group (regardless the fact that many of them still struggle to earn some money in smaller puskesmas and clinics!), a gifted singer who has sold thousands of records and definitely become the object of affection of Indonesia's jazz-lover crowd, he surely has plenty of options, and I admire him for knowing he wants for his future.

On the contrary, Once left his work in a more formal environment (a law firm? Correct me, please), to pursue his dream in the music industry. Stepping into the shoes of former Dewa frontman Ari Lasso another whiz kid in the industry, and with the prospect of working together with the Talented-yet-an-Ultimate Snob Dani Ahmad, many would have seen the decision highly risky. As we have witnessed, it worked out well for both parties, Once and Dewa.

A few years ago, I was a bit shocked when a good friend of mine quit from a big corporate in shipping industry, despite his new promotion, and went to his hometown to work as a supervisor and manager of a then undeveloped conservation park. I knew that he was (still is) an avid reader of National Geography magazine and he had long dreamed of working as an environmentalist. I just didn't think that he would take such a dramatic step, though I also know that materials never really attracted him. I never asked him how his parents reacted to it, but I assume he had discussed it with them earlier. Each time we communicate (which is, like, every 6 months!) he sounds happier.

They are lucky people. Some don't have the luxury of making their dream real. Or simply having opportunities.

Or are the rest too blind to see the open doors?


mellyana said...

Tompi, is my current addiction! He is even better on the stage than CD. A friend of mine worked for small jazz event in Bandung, and told me that Tompi is so down to earth and so low profile.. and soo in love with him.

pernah ada cerita, sekali waktu, dia musti nungguin ibu2 tua di rumah sakit UKi sana, terus entah bagaimana ceritanya, dia nyanyiin amazing grace buat si ibu itu, karena dia muslim dan dia gak tau lagu rohani untuk si ibu itu loh.

plus, bahkan album lebaranan dia aja keren banget deh

nananias said...

talented and yet ultimate snob? itu doang? yakin?


Apey said...

great posting bu !!
kayaknya emang bener tuh jeng, "pintu opportunity" itu harusnya kita sendiri yg harus menemukan deh, dan bukannya menunggu utk ditunjukkan sama orang lain. Cuman comfort zone-lah yg bikin kita gak bisa membuka mata akan pintu itu :)

btw, TOMPI emang top markotop..begitu dia muncul pertama kali bareng grup-nya Bali's Lounge, lagu Something Wrong-nya bener-bener Incognito wanna be dah..!! smooth jazzy bangett ! love it very much !!

yang punya said...
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yang punya said...

Melly: doh, cerita tentang nyanyi buat ibu2 touching banget ya? bener2 deh, penyanyi yang low profile bikin termehek2!
Eda Nana: er.. abis apa lagi dong? Ladies' man? Asshole? :D

Jeng Apey: persis jeng, kita suka takut mengambil langkah pertama, sampe gak bisa liat itu pintu terbuka dikit buat kita hehehe..

Soal Tompi.. emmmm *dehem2*.. daku pernah nyanyi sama Cherokee (band nya Tompi dulu) loh, hahaha... ceritanya ada temen gelar perpisahannya di salah satu resto. Kebetulan band yang main Cherokee, mereka baru rilis album pertama dan sekalian promosiin lagunya. Setelah "dipaksa" temen2(benernya sih mendorong supaya dipaksa, hihihi..) jadilah daku membawakan sebuah lagu *jiyehhhh..* diiringi Cherokee!

Iya deh, ini cerita ketauan banget mo minta decak kekaguman, hahaha.. bodo ah! Kapan lagi bisa banggain diri gini? Tompi waktu itu udah jadi vokalisnya Cherokee, dan suaranya emang keren abis. Kalo dipikir2.. er.. kasian juga Cherokee, abis ngiringi Tompi terus ngiringi daku, hahahha...