Friends in low places

These days, my close friends and confidantes (including my soulmate/sister and the best nieces in the world!:)) are telling me to be more patient, stay calm, and keep my head clear. And again, be patient. Give it some time for things to be explicable. Don't do anything that I may regret in the future.

I am trying, guys. Just wish me the best, OK? I know I am impulsive, but I'm a bit wiser with age. Or so I think :P.

*Taking deep breath*

Thank you very much for being there for me, folks. Thanks for the supporting words and the heartwarming hugs.

Thank you for the usual silly jokes.

Thank you for trying to keep up with my numerous furious sms' (which consumed your phone credits to its limit!) and offering me your calming tones.

Thank you for cheering me up, boosting up my spirit, and -- again -- the encouraging advises. This reaffirms my opinion that your maturity way exceeds your age and even those who are several years your senior! (You know whom I'm talking about, right? *green eyed monster mode on*).

But most of all, thank you all for helping me rediscover myself. And to remind me that I deserve what I deserve. (You didn't say it out loud, but somehow I found it during our conversations).

I am going back to me, full-paced. :)


kangamsanom said...

makasih udah datang ke blog saya

mellyana said...

welcome back dong judulnya :)

kere_kemplu said...

be patient... :)

sontoloyo said...



Dinda said...

tarrriiikkkk maaaaannngggg!!!! (loh kok?) kikikiki... anyway, you're something. extraordinary. never forget that.

Okol said...

Boleh sedih jeng, sedikit dan sebentar aja. Toh, konon, kesedihan itu seperti salju, yang lama-lama akan mencair, dan mengalir lalu hilang entah kemana...