My sofa and I

Sofas have always been an important part of my relaxing times. To be exact, of my whole family's. In fact, back in Jakarta there had always been fights among family members over occupancy of the couch and/or the loveseat . I often argued with my sister on who would inherit that particular oh-so-cozy couch in the living room. Gladly, though my sister got married first, she didn't get a chance to take it. It is so strategically located in front of TV, so one can imagine the comfort it provides when you lay your tired body on it, with the remote control in your hand. I think it has some possession power, because despite having TVs in their own bedrooms, my parents and my sister kept going back to THAT TV. (I'm the one who usually had to move out if I wanted to see other program).

Finally, I have my own couch. My very own couch. It's big, brown (nicely coordinated with my apartment's colors), and very, very comfy.

Getting this sofa is another story. I bought it in IKEA, the furniture brand I can afford. I didn't know that buying furniture in an IKEA store is like doing your grocery shopping. You get a cart and bring the item to the cash register. When I pushed the cart with my sofa on it, I cracked up. I thought it was so funny.

Now, back to this lovely couch. Although it officially belongs to me, the only times I could claim full ownership on it are, like, from 10 pm-7 am. Yup, while everyone else is already dreaming. So I sleep on the couch more than I do on my bed.