Add your two cents

I just found out that The Jakarta Post has activated a commenting system for its news. Cool!!!! This way, outsiders/foreigners can share their thoughts on Indonesia's affairs, and on the other hand get the opportunity to know Indonesians' actual view on their domestic issues. As far as I know, only Media Indonesia online and Tempo Interaktif that have the same thing -- and these two are only in Indonesian.

The Jakarta Post's commenting system will give an ample room for healthy discussions among different groups and views.. er.. hopefully, kekekkekekkekk.... knowing there are thousands of weirdos out there!

Mmm... maybe Antara can apply the same thing for its English version? Whew.


sontoloyo said...

pengen sih nulis2 macem2...cuman itu kan media di Indonesia..gimana kalau ada orang BAKIN yang lagi nyari2 kambing hitam atas ketidak becusan mereka bekerja ??
paling2 bisa menaruh komen2 nyeleneh gue (yang selama ini jadi blog) di artikel2 yang enteng2 ajah..waduh bisa kehilangan bahan ngeblog kalau udah ada komen di artikel tesebut nih.