I stabbed a prostitute because I hate school!

Now, now, before you guys decide to take my name off your friends' list, assuming I'm a psycho, let me tell you that this whole "violent" crap is a Friendster's Bulletin material. Got it from one of my nieces and only God knows how she obtained it. But it's so wickedly funny, I couldn't resist putting it here though those of you who happen to be in my Friendster's network would've received it. (But here there are a few changes).

The title above is the result of combining altogether the following sentences from each category:

First, write down the sentence of your birth month

January- I wrestled
February- I slapped
March- I murdered
April- I looked at
May- I had sex with
June- I slept with
July- I laughed at
August- I stabbed
September- I shot
October- I made love to
November- I masturbated with
December- I crapped

Now, pick the day of your birth

1. A prostitute
2. An Asian
3. A woman with thick moustache
4. A drunken homeless
5. Santa Clause
6. A playboy bunny
7. A married mom
8. My stuffed bunny
9. Your mom
10. A playboy bunny
11. A football player
12. The devil
13. My Lettermans Jacket
14. My teacher
15. The Rock
16. A DVD player
17. A pencil sharpener
18. The phone
19. My computer
20. A pornstar
21. The tape measurer
22. The lamp
23. The "Lurah"
24. Governor Schwarzenegger
25. Mr. Incredible
26. A transvestite
27. A goat
28. Your hot sister
29. George Bush
30. A tape recorder
31. The printer

Then the first letter of your last name

A- Because I like chocolate
B- Because I was bored
C- Because my pants were on too tight
D- Because I am a homosexual
E- Because I had a frying pan
F- Because I didnt get any presents for
G- Because I like eggs
H- Because the world will end tomorrow
I- Because I slit my wrists
J- Because I dont have a bf/gf
K- Because I like football
L- Because I love slumber parties
M- Because I was masturbating
N- Because my heart is two sizes too small
O- Because fruit cakes fly
P- Because Im lonely
Q- Because my parents fight a lot
R- Because Im horny
S- Because I Can
T- Because I hate school
U- Because I was drunk
V- Because I wanted to
W- Because it calms me
X- Because I like brownies
Y- Because I like to spoon
Z- Because I need to masturbate

Okay, so what do you get? If you don't mind, please let me (and the whole bloggosphere) know! Kekkekekek...


sontoloyo said...

"i laugh at the devil because i can"

MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA....I AM A GOD....errhh.....i guess not.

kere kemplu said...

ini buat kuis radio di indon aja ya, non? :)

lia said...

I slept with my computer because I love slumber parties

'ka said...

whoever creates this either was bored or bored :D

Kang Ebet said...

I slept with Santa Clause Because I was bored ???
ga mungkin.. ga mungkin.. se-boring²-nya dirikuw, tak mungkinlah bobo bareng ama cowo hoohoho

Okol said...

I crapped a drunken homeless because i like chocolate?
apaan tuh ?

Sunny said said...

I murdered a Playboy bunny because I'm horny.

What the...??


komentator nyasar said...

saya bergulat dgn seorang pramuria karena besok mo betulin tape?... [hehehe...ada2 ajah]... karena besok mo kiamat??
Buuu, besok kiamat ga' ya? biar saya siap2...hihihihihihi

itto said...

i slept with the devil cause i wanted to..

pa kabar sis ?

1 + 1 = ? said...


merlyna lim said...

hahaha.... i like this.
see what i got: I had sex with the Lurah because I love slumber parties...:P