Dear Ai and Popay....

Dear Ai and Popay...

how are you gals doing? Getting accustomed to the situation around you, the people you work with? I see your smiling pictures, read your long emails describing your current situation, chat with you almost every night... and yet somehow our so-called emotional binding hit me while I'm actually taking your paths now.

I went out with the "kantin dingin" team last night, celebrating our last togetherness prior to my departure. We had lots of good laughs, took pictures (eeewww....*winks*), saw our "Caraka Muda" photos, and laughed again. We practically joked about everything.. and everyone.

Then it was time to say goodbye.

When we waved, shared hugs, greeted "minal aidin wal faidzin" and "see you again, take care", as well as "don't forget June next year I'll call you guys to send your contribution!", I was engulfed in sadness and blue. The feeling that had actually started in the afternoon, when I closed all my BNI accounts. Funny, isn't it, feeling doleful for not going to use the ATM card that has been with me for several years?

Now I understand why you cried at the airport, Pop. And I got what you really meant when you, Ai, asked me what I'd miss most of Jakarta.

It is not only that we would not be able to see Jamaica Cafe or other acapella groups performing every Sunday nights.

It is not only the regret that we haven't been to Sunda Kelapa or explored other parts of Kota.

It is not only leaving things we're familiar with, places we're comfortable at.

It is the memories, the sad and happy moments, the pressures and reliefs, the laughter and bitterness... the faces of those who sincerely care for us, be with us during our lowest points, put their arms around us when we need a shoulder to cry on, support us, guffaw with us for the silliest jokes.

Megaria, The Matrix, sweated for the aircon didn't work.

Spent Friday night in different places, and ended up at McDonald's Thamrin early in the morning as we didn't have more ideas where to go.

Club hoppings. Lounge relaxing. And fried rice on Jalan Sabang, or Menteng. And once Muara Karang, right after a wedding party!

Driving before classes. Plaza Senayan, almost 5 times a week, almost a year. (We should've been granted membership!). And Mustopo, checking out the optimistic youngsters.

It will be three years from now, but I'm looking forward to seeing you all again. Time will change, we might change. You remain, however, close in my heart. And in my mind, we will always be the high-spirited, "innocent"(??!!) young people we were 4 years ago.

Love you.