Hibernation... or Hiatus?

It's been ages since my last posting, and the longer it gets, the further I am from even trying to put something in this blog. I am a last-minute person, always think that everything can be done right away, but usually fail to meet my deadline. In short, I'm LAZY.

As such, I don't have any idea on what I should write at all. Here I am, writing nothing. NOTHING. Geeze.

I'd promised myself (and some people who happened to read my blogs) that I would elaborate a notion on marriage. Hit me! I'm lost! But, anyway, I will NOT write that stuff down unless I can put on something insightful (I know, I know, it doesn't sound really humble.. so????)

Well, it's a good start! Luckily I can blame my lack-of-blogposting on my lack-of-blog-inspiration!


maudy said...

hellow hellow!!! lookie who's back, people!!!! :D it has really been ages hasnt it. oh yes, i know what it's like to be dry of blogging inspiration. n at those moments, never, never sit in front of ur computer and got urself face to face with the blogger's posting area. painful.

that's why i dont get them, the way they worked. the journalists, or column-writer. they're obliged to write something good and always rushed by deadlines. such a job...

anyway..hi ellen, how's life? :)

Diana said...

Halo Mbak Ellen! Saya tahu blog Mbak (apakah boleh saya panggil Mbak? Krn teman saya Maudy juga manggil begitu... dan saya rasa itu juga lebih sopan.) dari Maudy dan Belutz. Thank you for signing my guestbook :) Yeah, I've been ran out of ideas to write for a month now. I was kinda lazy and yes, procrastinating is something that always happens to me. I wonder what those journalists and collumnists do when they're run out of things to write. Rambling maybe? Creativity is not a creativity when its rushed by deadlines. So I can relate when Mbak Ellen doesn't feel like writing because I do feel that sometimes.