Garfield Lagi

Remember my posting on "Garfield"? I happened to see "Garfield: The Movie" today, and found out it is actually enjoyable. It did make me smile and laugh and entertained. On curiosity ground I checked its position in this week's US Chart and apparently its performance isn't that bad. It ranks 5. So I guess despite the bad reviews in IMDB, people still go to watch it and some people DO love it.

I understand that we should never expect the things we read everyday would turn out exactly like what we have imagined. (What does THAT mean anyway? ;)) I certainly didn't expect much from Garfield, so it was a nice surprise for me. In fact, despite of Chris Suellentrop's suspicion that Jim Davis actually wishes "Garfield: the Movie" to flop, I would say that the movie captures what Garfield is: a pure narcissist who always tries to hide his affection to Jon and Odie. While the dog who plays Odie does an impressive job, "Jon" doesn't really reflect the geek in this most popular comic strip in the world. Should Garfield ever exist, he would love this movie, for the very reason of seeing himself on the screen for - like - 80 minutes and getting almost all of the film's dialogues (and monologues).

I've got to say, I love this movie. Sorry Jim, this only strengthen my affection to Garfield :)


maudy said...

mba, where have u been?? koq udah lama ga posting lagi..ditunggu ya..:)