Reagan Passed Away

Ronald Reagan, one of - I shall say - the biggest statemen of the world, left us all Saturday morning (American time) after a long fight against Alzheimer. By 93, he's claimed the longest-living US president.

Though people often referred to him as an ex-movie star, I don't think he was ever qualified as a "star". His acting career was quite short, and the biggest thing he had ever accomplished in the movie industry was being a one-time president of the Screen Actors Guild (one or two? not sure!). It was obvious his talent had always been in organizations and politics.

I remember, when I was little, I was a bit disappointed when he beat Jimmy Carter - Carter was the only name I had always heard and associated with a US president. It took me several years to learn that Reagan's achievement actually outdid his predecessor.

Whenever Reagan's name came up, the following things would always be connected to it:
1. The Iran-Contra.
2. The Star Wars program.
3. The historical SALT.
4. The Berlin wall falldown.
5. Jodie Foster (main motif for assassination trial).
6. Nancy's obsession with horoscope and Frank Sinatra (poor Ronnie...), and clothes.



maudy said...

i never thot that there would be any politician that survived along their ways until this late!!! ninety three is really quite a number huh???? will soeharto beat him hehehe..