Leaving DC (1)

So, do you like being in D.C.?

I think some idiots must live here.


For example, the Washington Monument.


It looks nothing like the guy. It looks more like a tribute to Bill Clinton!

What do you think of Bush?

Oh, I love th-- ... oh, you mean the president??

(Excerpt from a dialog between Jeff Dunham and the adorable Achmed)


Anonymous said...

counting down the days, eh? visualkan ini, gendong abby, nyalon-nyalon, ngopi-ngopi, misuhin traffic dan banjir, muka-muka eksotis, dan kami dunk ahhh..

see you in the not so distant future, eda!

-Fitri Mohan- said...

loh... kok judulnya "leaving dc"? *wis arep bali tho mbak?*

Anonymous said...

Se7 ama jeng nananias... Yitno dah nunggu tuh.... (untuk yg blm tau Yitno, dialah dan juga Paino hairdresser nya lenje & gw yg membuat rambut singa kami lebih manusiawi)

Anonymous said...

looking forward to moving back, eh?
but of course!
i miss those zombies.
what do you mean?
i like being around people who get up after dawn and don't get home after dusk only to inhale leaded air and swim the seasonal pool but keep piling on the same trash everyday.

Anonymous said...

Shall we involve red carpet?

Anonymous said...

oh... is it time now? :)
good luck with the move and everything! i might have not caught you in DC, but maybe there's an opportunity for us to meet up in a different side of the world. ;)

Anonymous said...

*belum pernah ke DC*

pengen ke sana :D

Belutz said...

si mbak udah mau pulang yah??
jangan lupa oleh-olehnya ya mbak hihihi...

Anonymous said...

wekk..... heheheheh the jokes is always funny...tetapi berita kepulangan dirimu ke Indo...ck....ck....ck

Penting yeh bow ???

awas kalau kita kaga nongkrong bareng.

Anonymous said...

leaving d.c?
missing indonesia,eh?
saia malahan ndak pernah ke luar negeri apalagi tinggal di sono.

Anonymous said...

Eda Nana: Counting down the days and trying to calm myself down heheheh... panic attack! (Biasa, this professional procrastinator always do things around the deadline hehehe...)

Fitri: Iya jeng! Sayang gak sempat ketemuan yaaa...

Little Sis: Wakakkakakkk.. sissss, aku juga udah kangen sama Yitno!

Mr. Sapi: Can't tell it better, dear friend. It's just too bad I can't meet up with you in one of the most beautiful states (nature wise, that is). Any plan to follow my track down to the largest archipelago in the world?

Silverlines: Ummm.. not red carpet but a chat in Bakoel Koffie will certainly be nice! :D

Mementoes: It is time now. I know I'll miss DC badly but I'm meeting people I love and places more endearing to me, so I guess that sets the balance, heheh.. Thanks dear. It's too bad we couldn't meet (my fault, totally), but I'm keeping the hope that someday we'll cross paths -- in flesh!

Nonadita: DC kota yang menarik banget.. buat saya sih, hehehe.. ke sini, kenapa enggak? We never know what lies in the future, right?

Belutz: Hihihi.. dasaaaaaaarrrr...

Sondhez: Penting dong bow, hihihihi... buktinya elo udah nge-tag mo ngajakin ketemuan kan? ;)

Day: Missing Indonesia, true, but the actual reason is my assignment here is completed :). Ke luar negeri bukan segala2nya jeng, tapi siapa tau bentar lagi kamu dapet kesempatan gak cuma ke satu negara, malah keliling dunia!

Avie said...

Saya doakeun, cepat kembali.. dan menempati rumah dinas di Tilden, :D

Anonymous said...

Hello, kunjungan balik. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The Bush thing was funny :)

Permission to list your blog in Indonesian Expatriates Forum?.

Anonymous said...

bush thing... *senyum manis mbil melet* :p