Snap it like Borat

We may laugh at the poor guy, but he -- of all people -- has created a trend. If Beckham and some other guys can only influence the way MEN dress up these days, Borat's taste has expanded to the ladies' fashion sphere!

His style is not entirely copied, yes, though we can still see the influence. Move over, Diddy! :D


miund said...

Been wanting to watch Borat! my boss said he's really funny. hm. let's see if he's indeed funnier than Ali G. hahahahahahaaa!

bridge said...

I have not seen this movie. Is it really funny or just being too ridiculous?

gracie said...

heheheheh..mbak lenje juga suka liat borat ya? adegan berantem stark naked di hotel ama manajernya itu lho..mana tahan?

btw, how's life?