Officially a She Male?

Below is taken from Antara's website (click the picture to get the larger view):

The subject in the news: Congresswoman Enny Valio Marpega.

Then another one is from Detik (again, click the picture to get the larger view):

The subject: Ammy Valeomavega.

And this is the person that they were talking about:

Mister Eni Faleomavaega
(picture taken from his official site)

No wonder the government in Jakarta was really vigilant when he got invited to visit Indonesia. I can suggest some very visible reasons:

1. There is no consensus on his name. Even the press who (presumably) always do the re-checking before a news is published can have as many of its variations as they can. (Hey, maybe they actually like crafting out new names!). Let alone the government who is famous for being careless and ignorant, right?

2. More importantly, there is confusion on the person's sex. He might have been well-known for gearing negative opinions in the House on Papua, but whether he is actually a "she", nobody seems to be sure.

In short, protocol-wise, it is likely to produce a disaster. And we haven't factored out incorrect information from the National Intelligence Agency.

I shall therefore share a few tips to Congressman Faleomavaega:

First, never, EVER, hire people from Cikijing to be your secretary. You may end up having a new birth certificate. Oh, I'm being discriminative here. I think anyone from the western part of Indonesia can have difficulty in pronouncing "f" and "v". I know a "Franky" who lives in Tomok, Samosir Island, who calls himself "Perengki".

[Wait a minute. Perhaps this gentleman is originally from my parents' hometown. I have to check the tarombo, the Batak people's family tree. Maybe "Marpega" is the brother surname to "Marpaung"?]

Second, Papua isn't the only place that can be "dangerous" to you. While you're in Jakarta, you'd better avoid Taman Lawang. Considering the news varieties about your sex, Taman Lawang can be a Hotel California for you: you can always check in, but you can never check out (you never know when your instinct calls you). Or people may get wrong impression with your presence there.


nananias said...

Let alone the government who is famous for being careless and ignorant, right?

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... oops! sorry da :D

itto said...

namanya siapa ?

>> victor


>> bukan, victor

oooo piktor... pake "ep" apa pake "pe" ?

Okol said...


yang punya said...

Eda Nana: Hihihihihi.. feel free to laugh out loud loohhh! I'm doing the same thing! ;)

Victor: Pengalaman yaaaaa...

Jeng Okol: HIhihihi.. yang pasti sih, temen gw yg di Antara bete banget karena gw ketawa2 terus waktu telfon dia ngobrolin soal itu :))))

dodski said...

duuhhh.... dapat salam deh dari antara kalo gituh :D

yang punya said...

huahahahaha.. ntar tak kandhani wonge loh, kekekkekekk

sontoloyo said...

Ehem permisi sebentar..


maaf saya harus tertawa..

Gue jadi inget tadi di ruang meeting ada yang bilang dokter maemun itu cowo loh...kemaren siapa tuh yang manggil ibu ???
kalau perempuan tuh Maemunah....Helehhhh...meneketehe.