The Big Four

Though it may sound like one of Madame Christie's book title, it's actually the estafet stick I got from Silverlines. (Pssst.. I have to confess, I've been longing for somebody to tag me this, hehehe... so thank you, gal!)

Four jobs I've had:
1. Document translator (when I was at uni! But I could only earn enough money to buy a cloth or two, or have McDonald's burgers or chickens for the whole month, hehehe..).
2. Stock market analyst (hahahaha... it sounds cool but in reality it sucks! At least it sucked me!).
3. Marketing executive in a shipping company.
4. Civil servant.

Four movies I could watch over and over:
1. Legally Blonde!
2. Garfield: The Movie
3. Stand by Me (this one always manages to make me sobbing - a very rare case!)
4. Lilo and Stitch.
Judging from my favorite flicks above, one may question my mental capacity :p.

Four places I have lived in:
1. Jakarta.
2. Surabaya, of course (I practically grew up there, I call it my hometown).
3. Manado.
4. Washington, D.C.
I spent my first three years of life in Ambon, so I've actually lived in 5 different cities.

Four TV shows I love or loved:
1. Jay Leno's late show.
2. Conan O'Brien's late show.
3. The Grey's Anatomy.
4. Bajaj Bajuri (it's local Indonesian, it doesn't exist anymore, it's HIP!).

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. Bali.
2. Yogyakarta.
3. Philadelphia.
4. New York.

Four favorite dishes:
1. Nasi goreng ikan asin.
2. Soto ayam Ambengan.
3. Indomie goreng!
4. Almost any Italian course.

Four websites I visit daily (What? Not including emails?):
1. My blog.
2. My Friendster page.
3. My office's website
4. Detikcom (for the news AND the gossips :p).

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Home (with its comfy couch).
2. Macchu Picchu (dreaming, dreaming...).
3. Rome (yes, meeting a very dear friend there...).
4. Anywhere, as long as I'm with my sister.

Four bloggers I'm tagging:
1. Apey.
2. Sondi.
3. Eda Nana.
4. Mita.

Okol and Silverlines: see? I've done your homework! :)


okol said...

Macchu picchu..ayok!!, tungguin tabungan gua cukup ye...

Silverlines said...

Woooww .. finally. I'm happy to be able to fulfill your longing. (Mwahahahaha .. my sentence sounds rather scary, no ?).
And Rome ? Ehm .. who's there that it has a special place *winks*

sontoloyo said...

untuuung...gue kaga disuruh nulis beginian.
Huaaa males banget suruh mikir2 (pake mikir ga sih ?)
tapi emang cocok sih kalau model2 kaya elo nulis 4 things... kaya gitu.
Kalau gue mah tidak akan seseru elo kali...4 place ajah cuman 2 jakarta ma bandung.

Apey said...

watowww....kena timpuk lagi dari jeng Elen. Okeh deh bu, ini bakal jadi PR deh..
btw...soto Ambengan ?? hmm...aku sendiri aja ngebayangin udh pengen makan lagi tuh soto yang endangg bambangg...