Subtle Abuse

An email to an awesome girl, who just dumped her so-called beau:

".... Being "single" after some time usually leaves you with an empty feeling (especially if the reason is because the relationship lacked something, not because he abused you! Oh, but.. ignoring us, hurting us over and over again by committing a series of unkept promises could be considered mental abuses, rite? hehehee...).

So hang on there, you have your own life, you have your friends who are no less than God's greatest gifts... what's not to be thankful for? Ain't life beautiful or what? And never should we spoil it with a jerk, who thinks that in a relationship everything should be on his own term -- and that we'd take it for granted!

Emotional, eh? Could be! But don't you agree that by constantly hurting your other half's feelings, saying "sorry/forgive me/etc." but doing it over and over again, ignoring him/her thus denying them their rights to be happy with you, you are actually mentally abusing them? How about hanging out with your ex while completely forgetting to drop even a single message to your current partner for days, and even weeks? And you still expect him/her to take it lightly, being bubbly and wishing you a great time, not questioning the non-existence of explanations?
It is unlikely that a normal human being will ever do, unless he/she is :

  • dumb or mentally disturbed
  • a heartless android (hm, perhaps people should start considering putting Data or Vicky "The Small Wonder" in their "potential perfect spouse" list)
  • an imaginary creature
  • having an affair (the unfavorable option, of course).

The wound in one's heart often takes longer time to heal than in one's hand. This said, it should not be any wonder that he/she starts ignoring you back or simply refuse to have anything to do with you ever again. By treating them like that, you grant them the right to.

I was in love with you
And gave my heart to you
I did my best to keep you satisfied
You took the love from me
And used it selfishly
You did not give back your
Love to me at all

I gave the sun to you
You said it was too bright
I gave you diamond rings
You said they didn’t shine
I gave my world to you
But you said it’s not enough
What in the world could I have done
To make you be so rough

'Till you do me right
I don’t even want to talk to you
I don’t even want to hear you speak my name
'Till you do me right
Only wrong is gonna come to you
Nothin’ good is gonna come 'till you change
Change your ways
Until you change your evil ways

Girl, I was there for you
Someone you could talk to
How could you just keep breakin’ my heart
What did I do to you
To make you be so cruel
I don’t understand why you’ve been so wrong

I tried to be your strength
You said I was too strong
I tried to compromise so
We could get along
I gave my love to you despite
Your evil ways
I guess it’s clear to me there’s only
One thing left to say

There’s a time when you know what you
Feel inside your heart
It’s tellin’ you that somethin’ feels strange
You don’t have to deny it
All you gotta do is just try it
You’ll find our love grows
Stronger if you’re willing to change

(Till You Do Me Right, After 7 - click here if you want to hear it)


sontoloyo said...

Another victim trying to please others.

*Sigh* Live is a bitch and a constant trial if you try to please others...rather to equip them and tell them to please them self by their own attitude...rather than to give them sun that was too bright.

nananias said...

and of course our life is much too beautiful to spend with such individual! ;)

Dinda said...

i once watched oprah show, discussing about a book, and found one answer to such thing:


so? cari yang lain ajaaahhhh...

komentator nyasar said...

Di tepi sungai Piedra, saya duduk, tapi saya tidak meratap!
(meratapi seseorang yg tidak cukup tangguh untuk misi kita? Ayolaaahhh...)
Saya duduk, merenung, berdiri dan berjalan dengan keyakinan, bahwa suatu waktu akan ada seseorang yg "cukup nekad" menemani, menangis dan tertawa, segetir apapun konsekuensinya dari sebuah misi.

sontoloyo said...

tepi sungai piedra ?
perasaan pernah denger...paul coelho bukan ?
atau siapa gitu haahahhhaahha...atau ah kaga jelas.

Gue pernah ngeliat buku yang salah satu babnya berjudul "bagaimana mencintai orang yang (apa boleh buat) dekat dengan anda"
hmmm...jadi pengen beli tuh buku.

yang punya said...

sondi: that's exactly this posting is hinting about! for ur next comment --> apa judul bukunya?

nana: of course dong! and don't u comprehend, jeng, for -- er -- pretty devils think alike kan? hehehhe...

dinda: atw dengan kata lain "IF YOU'RE NOT INTO ME THEN YOU'RE NOT WORTH ME." gitu? :D

komentator nyasar: "misioner" juga manusiaaaaaaa.... tapi terima kasih untuk menantang saya! tau ajah saya suka gak tahan untuk "membuktikan diri", hehehe...

sepatumerah said...

damn you! This post makes me realize that he's not into me....