Destined to be Men Loser???

Catching up with a cyber-friend, whom I haven't heard from in a long time, is usually refreshing. Sometimes, it's even amusing, like the one I just had. I put below only the piece that's particulary hilarious.

muraliksmenon: why u r not getting married?
lenje: i havent found the right man
muraliksmenon: every man u find you lose!!!!
muraliksmenon: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??
lenje: *ROTFL* (note: I swear I was actually laughing my butt out at this point!)
lenje: murali.. sorry for laughing
lenje: i'm not laughing at you, you know
lenje: it's just... you put it all correctly in one sentence.. and i find it so funny
muraliksmenon: ok..catch u later
lenje: thanks murali
muraliksmenon: give me a good news next time
lenje: hope everything goes well with you
lenje: hihihi... cross your finger, my friend
lenje: God bless you
muraliksmenon: Let GOD BLESS YOU TOO

What can I say more? Well, some people may not consider the situation depicted in the conversation above as something you can laugh about. You see, Murali and I rarely chatted, especially after he got married (he sent me the invitation to his wedding, without a return ticket!!!), and when we did, the same issue will appear: my love life. It sadly seems like our chat sessions were filled with an update of my current, er, ex-man. No wonder he somehow got the idea that I always lose men. So he brought our conversation to an end with a prayer for my good fortune with -- you guessed -- men.

As a matter of fact, I can't argue him! Don't worry, guys, I'm not complaining, for at the same time, the whole situation looks so funny to me (hm, now I understand the term "tragicomical", hehehe...). I think someone can develop a good movie script out of this. With lots of imagination, of course, hehehhe...


nananias said...


not thinking to lower your spec, no?
let them do!


Yang Punya! said...

hell, NO!

*loud and clear, as muses naturally do, right? hehehe...*

Sunny said said...

YEAH! Let it be a movie. But please no such conventional (with capital C) ending like the last episode of Sex and the City (hope u're a follower too). Geez, what's wrong with those ladies' single-forever spirit by finding the right men to be landed? Hohoho.

Well? Yeah? No? =)

'ka said...

it's all good.... it's better to be by yourself than ending up with a completely wrong person

silverlines said...

Whatever it is, never go for any second best, though. And that's of course, you deserve the best ! And it's always better be alone than with someone completely wrong ;-)

komentator nyasar said...

Serius nih dirimu single sekarang??
...ada peluang...ada peluang... [...hallahhh...hehehehehehehe]:D

Enggaaaaaaaa, bukan pengen ngajak kamu jadiaaaan [hihihihihihihi] :D
Pengen nanya sesuatu....
mmmm...postingan sebelumnya kira2 orisinil...atau titipan seseorang,yak?
Ga tau kenapa, intuisi pria kali yeeee.

(Woyy,yg lazim itu intuisi perempuan!)

Biarin...weeee..., emang suka maksahhh,koq....kekekekekekek :p

sontoloyo said...

A M E N Brother !!

You deserve the best and nothing less.

But i believe that life always teach you the same lesson over and over again until you get the point (the previous always easier than the next).
Do you already understand the loop in it ? if it is maybe it's time for you to change and get on with the next lesson.


Be yourself and be diffrent and be better.

mellyana said...

mulai coba2 bikin scriptnya aja, dan ntar, endingnya dipending aja, mudah2an a la hollywood....

just a happy ending

Hedi said...

setaip orang yg belum nikah pasti ditanyain kapan nikah...jawabannya saya biasanya...kalo detik ini ada yg mau, hari ini juga saya kawinin....jitu :D