The Wonderful Wizard of Hollywood

After Hollywood, Bollywood... what will be next? Hoggywood (a suspicious derivative of Hogwarts)? Hm, doesn't sound so appealing, it better suits the Gauls (Obelix, in particular, if you know what I mean).

Not long later there will be the Indonesian spinoffs, I daresay. I can imagine the bombastic titles:

- "Suster Ngesot: I Had an Affair with Dhani Dewa!"

- "Police Break In Pocongs Orgy"

- "Timun Mas's Bad Hair Day"

Add as many as you wish, folks :D.

Picture is taken from here. Yes, my guilty pleasure! :(


Bri said...

very cynical :) It is soooo you :)

miund said...

how about "Ahmad Dhani: 'Yes, Me, Maia and Mulan ARE Happily Married'"

i'm so looking forward to that headline.

Anang said...

hihihi :D

mpokb said...

the so-called infotainment makes me feel like i'm living in a twilight zone..