Dear Lord: Thanks for a Great Mom... and Everything Else.

I have a lot of things to be grateful for. I've set my foot on this faraway land, and am doing a job that I love. In terms of companionship, I've made new friends in real life and on the internet (faceless but heartful ones!) -- and still keep in contact with my buddies back home and overseas, as well as found long-lost mates thanks to -- again -- the information technology. It's not that I am that fully satisfied with my life, but hey... who ever is? Then again, despite those little flaws here and there, I can declare myself somewhat content.

This year, in particular, as Thanksgiving Day falls on the same day with my mom's birthday, I find no better reason to send my thankfulness prayer.

Dear Lord Almighty,

Allow me, on this particular day, to extend my thankfulness to You, the Greatest Creator and my loving Father, for everything that You've bestowed on me.

Thank You, especially, for laying me on the hands of a beautiful, caring mother, whose life started this date, 58 years ago.

I know, being a sinful person, who usually says a prayer three times a day ONLY before gulping down my meals, I should not expect anything but just give in to whatever You have planned for me and my future.

But, if I may, Lord, please kindly grant me blessings for my mother on this day:

a lifelong happiness that she truly deserves,
enduring strength coming from You only,
faith and hopes,
health of course,
and - if possible, and if it fits Your plans for her - realization of her dreams

I do know, Lord, that You love her more than all of us do. And I rest assured that You will give her what is best for her. I thank You for that.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Happy birthday, Mom. And please update your blog! *big grin*


'ka said...


1st of.... happy birthday to your mom..... from what she's written so far, i got the feeling that she's 1 very thoughtful and incredible person...

2nd... happy thanksgiving, girl.... :D

okol said...

Happy birthday to your Mom. (enjoy your time with her, every single day, as long as you could. I envy you, coz I can only preserved the memories about my mom in my heart....)

happy thanksgiving.

komentator nyasar said...

maniiis bangeeeett! Mencerahkan! :-))))))

Dinda said...

happy thanksgiving! and happy bithday to your mom. it's a beautiful pray...

Sondi said...

Happy thanksgiving...thank you for sharing the prayer with's most beautiful prayer.

Sunny said said...

Mom, Happy birthday. Dan yes Mom, di-update dong blognya... :)

Apey said...

Kasih cipika cipiki dari aku buat mama ya Elen..happy b'day, moga panjang umur dan sehat selalu.

emaq said...

thank you so so much for that beautiful and touching prayer like you used to do.I knew I surely get this " precious gift " from my beloving girl......n what is that my dreams ? You know what is it,don't you n thank's also to those who give me wishing as well