Another Bombing (Hiks!)

Another bomb explosion in Jakarta. In front of the Australian Embassy in Kuningan.

9 people died.

182 badly injured.

Though still not yet proven, there is high suspicion that those behind this heinous act are the same ones who designed the Bali & Marriott bombing.

A rather peculiar thing came across my mind. The very morning, at around 10 o'clock - or just half an hour before the explosion - I was at Kuningan. I wasn't feeling very well that morning, so my dad drove me to the office. (Yeah, yeah, I was very late. I had even thought that I'd call on sick, but, remembering that I had works to do, I decided to move on).

Usually, during those hours, Mampang and Kuningan are quite crowded. And it would take at least an hour to go to Pejambon. I spent almost all time in the car sleeping (I was dizzy). But I remember waking up in the middle, right when we arrived at Kuningan, and I was slightly surprised that Kuningan was way quieter. In only 40 minutes since we had left my house, my dad dropped me at Pejambon.

When I put on my hand bag on my desk, my colleague asked me: "Are you alright? I just got an SMS from my wife, saying that there was a bombing in Kuningan."

What? I didn't hear anything.

Things got clear while Metro TV broke this terrible news 5 minutes later.

What is this??? What is the message the perpetrators are sending by killing innocent people????

If it is true that they did it on somewhat religious motif, well, they have mispercieved Indonesian people.

Given the circumstance that I mentioned above, some might suggest a "conspiracy" theory. But this is a case of suicidal bombing. Unless it is for a very strong reason, no human being would commit suicide, and kill others. Or, we're talking about some lunatics out there.

I wish to extend my deep condolences to the victims and their families and friends.